Take Better Photos

While the central marketing office offers fantastic photo services you may find yourself taking photos on your own. 

A few suggestions to get you started...

Use light to your advantage

  • Look for natural light, like window light, and pay attention to where shadows fall on the subject of the photo.
  • Take photos in the early morning or evening. Late morning and afternoon photos result in hard light and harsh shadows.

Get the equipment on your side

Lock the focus on your phone to adjust exposure and framing:

  • On an iPhone, tap and hold on the subject of your photo
  • On an Android, tap on the subject of your photo and then tap on the lock symbol on the right of your screen

Composition is key

  • Follow the rule of thirds and other composition best practices when possible
    Click here to learn more about composition
  • Avoid clutter in the background of your image — take a moment to get any unnecessary objects out of the way and frame your photo
  • Avoid awkward crops

Consider social media

  • Keep the proper dimensions for social channels in mind when framing or cropping the image (e.g., Instagram is a square, while Twitter is a horizontal rectangle)
  • Don’t overuse filters (it's so 2012)

Guide to the Photo Archive

Find the online archive at ohiouniversity.photoshelter.com, and click here to directly access the Division archive.

  1. Log in using your OHIO ID
  2. Click on the Galleries tab found in the top menu bar
  3. From here, navigate through folders and collections or search by keyword through the search bar in the upper right corner
  4. Keywords can include things like Division of Student Affairs, Campus Recreation, students, fall, Baker University Center, ballroom, or career fairs
  5. To search for photos just within the Division of Student Affairs gallery, click on the Division of Student Affairs gallery folder, the select “In ‘Division of Student Affairs’” in the dropdown menu next to the search bar
  6. Select a photo to see the date it was shot, the caption (I/A), the filename and the photographer to credit (I/A)
  7. To download an image, click on the download icon in the lower right corner and choose a download size