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A place of creativity & innovation.

The GRID Lab, housed in Scripps Hall, contains a variety of state-of-the-art facilities that students can use to create projects involving Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), mixed reality experiences, game design, and computer animation. Many of these facilities are used as classroom spaces, giving students hands-on experience with a variety of hardware and software, developing skills they can bring to the industry. From motion capture to audio, the GRID Lab offers students facilities where they can create innovative and creative projects.

Cinematic Virtual Reality Facilities

Creation of Cine VR Projects

Cinematic Virtual Reality (cine-VR) offers viewers the chance to fully immerse themselves in stories that are usually reserved for the one-dimensional big screen.  The McClure School is proud to offer cine-VR facilities for students excited to create meaningful cinematic masterpieces for audiences to submerge in plots through virtual reality. In these fully equipped facilities, students have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art virtual reality technology.


Mixed Reality Obstacle Course

Mixed Reality Course at GRID

The Mixed Reality Obstacle Course enhances the virtual reality experience by offering visitors a physical space to interact with. The space is the size of a small conference room and features walls, ramps, shelves and more so users can immerse themselves in obstacles without changing location. Every turn is a new experience for VR users in this space.


Motion Capture Lab

Motion Capture Lab at GRID

The Motion Capture Lab features reflective body suits and high-end camera and computer technology to animate game assets. Users wearing the reflective suit, standing in front of a green screen, are transformed into animated characters. While assets move around the room, they control the physical actions of animated characters on-screen.


Immersive Audio Studio & Iso Booth

Audio Studio at GRID

The Audio studio can be used to create special audio experiences, used for VR experiences that gives audio to the story, as expected in real life. The GRID Lab also is home to the Iso booth, a silent room that filters out all outside noise to create and record quality audio for projects such as virtual reality experiences.


The XR Labs

XR Labs at GRID

The XR Labs are general use, which allows students across Ohio University to develop immersive experiences and games with high-end software. At every station, students are equipped with monitors, VR headsets and software to create. The space is used for ECT courses but is open to students across campus.


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