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Advising for our MITS students (residential and e-campus)


All students must select a faculty advisor who approves the student’s MITS Student Advising Planning Sheet [PDF] each semester. The MITS Student Advising Planning Sheet must also be endorsed by the Graduate Director.

The MITS Student Advising Planning Sheet includes the desired cognate courses and the student’s choice of culminating experience. The MITS Student Advising Planning Sheet should be approved before the beginning of the second semester of study. Do not assume that courses taken before the MITS Student Advising Planning Sheet is approved will be awarded cognate credit.

Advising Information for

Fall 2021 Semester

Things to keep in mind BEFORE you select classes for fall:

The MITS degree requires you to complete 36 credit hours of graduate classes. You need to take the following classes:

Class Credit Hours Offered in
ITS 6000 ITS Research Methods 4 Fall
ITS 6250 Information Networks 4 Fall
ITS 6440 Strategic Issues in ITS (Capstone) 4 Fall
Cognate class (can be an additional ITS elective) 4 (see advising planning sheet)
ITS Final experience (project, thesis, readings) 4 (see advising planning sheet)
ITS Electives (four ITS graduate electives) 16 (see advising planning sheet)

If you have a GA or GRS appointment, you need to register for a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours. You can take up to 6 credit hours of ITS 6940 Research to complete your 12 credit hours (ITS 6940 has no direct instruction associated with it).

If you plan to graduate in the Fall 2021 semester, don't forget to apply for graduation. You can find more information here. You need to be registered for at least one credit hour in the semester you apply to graduate in.

If you are working on a project with an ITS faculty member, you will need to register for at least four credit hours of ITS 6945. In subsequent semesters you can register for fewer than four credit hours.

If you are planning to take the comprehensive exams in the spring, you need to register for at least four credit hours of ITS 6935.

At this point in time, there are no plans to offer a graduate ITS elective in the Summer 2021 semester.

Remember the Graduate Catalog is the official document that lists all the policies associated with being a graduate student at OU.

ITS Classes offered in the Fall 2021 semester:

All of the following classes are elective classes.

Class Meeting notes (Asynchronous/Synchronous)



ITS 6440

Strategic Issues

Meets in person on: M

W (online asynch), F (online asynch)


ITS 5900*

Internet of Things

*You must manually sign-up for four credit hours

Meets in person at specific times: M, W

(half the class on each day, online synch available)


ITS 5310

Privacy in the Internet Age


Meets fully online (asynch) Yes

ITS 5750

Internet Engineering


Meets online at specific times: M, W, F
M (online synch), W (online asynch), F (online synch)

Labs meet in person at specific times:T


(fully online asynch)

For specific details on meeting times please visit the Registrar's Course Offerings listings.