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Student Spotlight: OU MITS Graduate Abdul-Basiet Nurudeen Moves Forward Towards a Career in Cybersecurity

Student Spotlight: OU MITS Graduate Abdul-Basiet Nurudeen Moves Forward Towards a Career in Cybersecurity

Name - Abdul-Basiet Nurudeen

Major – Information and Telecommunication Systems.

Where are you from? I am from Ghana in West Africa.

Where are you in your current studies? I am in my first year of graduate school pursuing a Master of Information and Telecommunication Systems (MITS).

What is your focus? My focus is on Cybersecurity since it is a critical area in every organization.

What made you choose this program? Well, I have been in the telecom and banking space for over 3 years and in my quest to augment my knowledge in the field, I searched for an academic curriculum that had more industry-oriented courses. ITS was a perfect match for me and the job placement statistics for postgraduates of the program got my attention.

What has been the most memorable experience here in our program? Every class turns out to be a memorable one. Sometimes I wonder why professors are so eager to help students achieve their dreams. They keep saying, “Hey guys, if you have any problem with this course, please book an appointment. I am ready to help.”

How do you feel about the merging of the GRID Lab and the J. Warren McClure School? First of all, I commend the board of directors of this program for such a wonderful and visionary decision. I think this merger is the step in the right direction in the sense of network infrastructure and IT management. The infrastructure provides a ground platform on which other technologies can be built, and it needs the right professionals to manage them. Now the gaming and the 3 realities: VR, MR, AR are burgeoning, so I vehemently believe this merger will provide the necessary skills the industry yearns for.

What do you want to do after school? To find a job in the cybersecurity space. I want to develop expertise in this area so I can make the internet safer for the world.

Any advice for future students? Students should try to focus on what their interest are. ITS presents a basket full of options to pick from, and sometimes you get lost in the maze while trying to identify your interests. Always seek advice when you find yourself in such situations. The professors are very experienced and receptive.  

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