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VR for Social Good: Project Nourished

VR for Social Good: Project Nourished

Do you ever wish you could recreate a magical dinner from a movie scene or your own imagination? Want to get over a fear of eating vegetables but do not want to waste the actual vegetables? Or maybe you have diabetes and would give anything to be able to eat what you want? With the help of technology, you can now create what you want or get over that fear.

Project Nourished is a public-benefit platform with a goal of maximizing therapeutic and utilitarian qualities of food, beverages, and medicine, while limiting environmental effects and the use of natural resources. Founded by designer, researcher, and technologist Jinsoo An, Project Nourished started in 2014 with the belief that our food system requires a change in accordance with the needs and conditions from climate change, obesity, and disease. Using technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, an experience is designed to heighten sensations of food, beverage, and medicine, while also producing therapeutic effects by altering the motion, form, color, scent, taste, temperature and more.

The mission of Project Nourished is to drive innovation in the methods of human consumption. Project Nourished wants to build and provide technological platforms that offer a variety of ways to consume food, beverage, and medicine. Their research is split into two sides, consumables and apparatus. On the side of consumables, Project Nourished is exploring a wide range of methods and specifications to enhance how food, beverage, and medicine looks, feels, smells, tastes, moves and reacts. On the side of apparatus, this contains the tableware, wearable and other technological tools that facilitate or aid the methods of consumption.

Project Nourished offer a variety of hands-on workshops intended to support and facilitate organizations with a desire to bring about diverse perspectives. One of their workshops is called the Sensory Workshop with the purpose of deconstruction, reconnection, and modeling. The workshop is designed to help attendees understand the systematic relationship between people, consumables, the environment and technology. Additionally, Project Nourished has hosted events to educate the public about their vision and work. For example, they hosted a TED talk in Tartu, Estonia about prototyping the future of food.

To learn more about Project Nourished and all the amazing work that they are doing, check out their website HERE !

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