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A professor addresses students in a journalism class.
Bachelor's Degree in Journalism

As a Journalism Major, You’ll Develop Skills to Report the News or Build a Brand

For people with investigative spirits or dreams of their own podcasts, nothing is more important than telling the story. A bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University gives you the practical skills and networking opportunities to succeed as a journalist and news reporter online, on television, on social media, and anywhere else you may want to work.

With hands-on experiential learning starting in your first year of college, you’ll get to take immediate advantage of exciting journalistic programs with campus news outlets and beyond. Combined with internships and many ways to realize your writing voice, our Bachelor of Journalism program is the best place to start a career in informative media.

Choose What You Want to Learn

Students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism's bachelor's degree program can choose from two journalism major tracks or the Carr Van Anda online program.

  • News and Information Track

    The News and Information track is an ideal choice for students who want to work in the broadcast news, online journalism, and magazine industries, among others. This journalism major track thoroughly prepares you for the evolving digital world of modern journalism and is the perfect stepping stone to work in local or OHIO student news organizations.

  • Strategic Communication Track

    The Strategic Communication track is best for students who want a broader educational overview in preparation for communicating brand or political messages to audiences. Students receive a comprehensive education in communication theory, writing styles, advertising, public relations and similar topics.

  • Carr Van Anda Online Program

    Offered completely online, the Carr Van Anda program allows journalism majors to develop the skills necessary for a career in news reporting, magazine or online journalism, public relations, advertising or any career where exceptional journalism and strategic communication skills are in-demand.

Choose Where You Want To Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    Most journalism students attend this program at our residential campus in Athens. It’s the home of many student-run journalistic news outlets and organizations, so it’s an excellent place to spread your wings and gain valuable experience to jump start your career. Athens itself is a vibrant and highly cultural place to relax, socialize and adventure outside of class.

    Journalism News & Information Major

    Journalism Strategic Communication Major

  • Regional Campuses

    Can’t attend Athens for a semester or two? No problem. Many of our regional campuses allow you to take certain journalism classes closer to home or work, enabling you to continue your journalism degree progress without slowing down.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

  • Online

    Moving to Athens to complete your journalism degree isn't an option for you? That’s not a problem either. Maximize your work-life balance with our fully accredited and fully online Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree! With asynchronous coursework and flexible advising, you can complete your degree on your own schedule to fit your life and career.

    OHIO Online


Careers in Journalism

Ever wondered, “What can you do with a journalism degree?” Quite a lot, in fact!

A Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University unlocks a multitude of different careers in various media from print to broadcast journalism, as well as across new platforms, channels and brands. Depending on your focus and your personal preferences, you might take a job like:

  • Multimedia journalist
  • News producer
  • News editor
  • Sports journalist
  • Podcaster
  • Features editor
  • Content creator (advertising)
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Digital media marketer

Of course, Ohio University lets you try your hand at many of these positions with internships and other experiential opportunities. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a good idea of how you want your career to evolve!

Post-grad Opportunities for Journalism Majors

A bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University’s School of Journalism empowers you to jump straight into your career right after graduation. However, you can also continue your education with our journalism master’s program and Ph.D. program, both of which are offered right at our Athens campus.

The master’s program includes a variety of professional classes on topics like mobile journalism, strategic social media and data journalism, perfect for bolstering your resume and prepping for higher-level media positions. The Ph.D. program, meanwhile, is best for students who want to teach journalism later or engage in communication research for firms, universities and other employers.

Fellowship and Other Opportunities

  • Statehouse News Bureau Fellowship

    Jump into the Statehouse News Bureau Fellowship for a one-semester internship experience! You’ll report on the state government from Columbus, Ohio, and may have your reporting published by a news organization within Ohio or even out-of-state!

  • Tyler Weymouth First Amendment Speaker Series

    The Tyler Weymouth First Amendment Speaker series focuses on First Amendment rights and especially those rights for college students. This special speaker series is free and open to the public, but it’s especially valuable for journalism majors.


Scripps Semester in D.C.

Participate in the Scripps Semester in D.C. undergraduate program, through which you'll take classes and complete your internship requirement at the U.S. Capitol, plus have ample opportunity to learn from media industry professionals in and around Washington, D.C.


Students pose for a photo in Washington D.C.

Get Hands-On Experience With Your Journalism Degree

Gaining hands-on experience through internships and many on-campus opportunities is a key part of a journalism education at Ohio University.

  • Student Publications and Media Outlets

    Several publications at Ohio University, such as Backdrop Magazine, Variant Magazine, Thread Magazine, The New Political, and the student-run newspaper The Post, are led by journalism and photography students. Additionally, WOUB Public Media offers on air and online opportunities for students. Join any of these media outlets to gain real-world experience and elevate your OHIO experience.

  • Get Involved in Student Organizations

    Student organizations at Ohio University, such as 1804 Communication, Public Relations Student Society of America and the Society of Professional Journalists offer students the opportunity to broaden their social networks and gain valuable work experience. Join any of these organizations to gain connections and knowledge you can use in your future career.

  • Journalism Internships

    All journalism majors must complete at least one internship prior to graduation, comprised of at least 200 contact hours with one employer. The internship will serve as a vital resume booster and even a potential opening for your first journalistic job!

Is a Journalism Degree Worth It?

Today our news comes to us from many channels and sources, but accurate news and information is more important than ever — after all, every democratic public must be well-informed to make good decisions.   

In becoming an effective, informative journalist or other media professional, you have the power to make a real difference in the world. By providing accurate news to people, you empower them to make informed decisions. By telling their stories, you show the impact that policies and decisions have on individual lives. 

On a personal level, a journalism degree enables you to meet new people and explore unique viewpoints, constantly enriching your worldview and broadening your horizons. If you love learning new things or experiencing fresh perspectives, then a bachelor’s degree in journalism is right for you.

Student Support Resources for Journalism Majors

OHIO’s journalism degree program is so successful in large part thanks to the quality of our faculty. With an average student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1, classes are far from overfilled, and you’ll always have the opportunity to meet with professors one-on-one for personalized advice or mentoring.

Those faculty members — all of whom have lots of professional journalistic or media experience — are committed to ensuring you graduate on time. This extends to assisting with internship placements; the Scripps College of Communication helps students find over 3000 internships per year and partners with many media organizations under the broader Scripps company.

All these support resources lead to positive results for our students. Journalism students have a 75% 4-year graduation rate overall, and many of our graduates have jobs lined up in their senior years, ready for them to step into the professional world right after donning their graduation caps.

Harris Student Support Center

The OHIO Experience for Journalism Majors

The most essential experiential factor for journalism students at Ohio University is this: you get to start working as a journalist from your first year of study, not from your junior year or later. Unlike many other universities, we give you many chances to put your name and your writing out into the world with student organizations, projects and more.

From your first year, you’ll start practicing your new craft and honing your skills to become an effective, inquisitive journalist or media professional. And throughout your education, your professors and peers will form the start of your network of successful journalism colleagues. There’s no better journalism degree for preparing future reporters, storytellers and brand creators.