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We at the Scripps College of Communication believe students should learn and grow both in and outside of the classroom. Find out more about some of the work being done by Scripps College of Communication students and alumni!

The success of our graduates starts with a strong internship program. Internships give students valuable real-world experiences that help in gaining the experience needed to secure full-time employment in the communication industry. 


Spring 2023 Opportunities
(updated 3/21/23)

Internships, Jobs & Opportunities not found in Handshake
Additional opportunities may be found on Handshake, LinkedIn, etc.

U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) and intern Ian Kirby on the Eastern façade of the Capitol. Photo by Emma Maron


Find Other Opportunities

How to Find an Internship

  1. Where would like to intern? Think about the type of internship, possible company and geographic location (city or state).

  2. Think about the type of internship experience you want to have. What skills do you want to build during this experience? Think about your long-term career path.
  3. Network on LinkedIn and the Bobcat Network with professors, friends, family and other Bobcats.
    • Ask questions about how they got to where they are now, ask for industry feedback, and ask for tips on how to break into the industry.
    • Expand your network by asking if they know anyone else you need to meet and with whom to speak.
    • Always follow up with people you meet.
    • Social Media:
      • LinkedIn – Get established since this is a professional networking site. Update your profile with your career accomplishments, company information and education.
      • Twitter – Allows you to tap into community sharing similar interest. Look for opportunities to share your ideas, opinions and interests with people you respect professionally.
      • Facebook – Great place to promote your professional brand. Post informational articles, follow trends, connect with your friends. Clean-up Facebook (remove any suspect photos) or make them private. Do not post anything you would not place on the front of the local newspaper.
  4. Prepare a Résumé – Assistance is through the Career Network (5th Floor Baker Center).
  5. Where to look for an internship?
    • Handshake - As an Ohio University student, you already have an account! Log in, fill out your profile and use the search tools to find opportunities from throughout the country and the world.
    • Student Development Newsletter from the dean’s office - This is sent each week directly to your OHIO email in-box. If you aren't seeing it, search your Spam, Clutter or Junk folders for emails from "Scripps College of Communication via Handshake." 
    • Specific company websites – If you’re interested in a particular geographic area, you may need to look at the possibilities and then make inquiries. For example, if you want to intern at a newspaper, first make a list of the newspapers in the area and then do some research on their websites to see if they list internships. If not, you might contact them and let them know you are interested.
    • Investigate – Not everyone lets us know about their internships so you might need to scout some out on your own through the following websites:

Scripps Howard Company and Scripps Howard Foundation

In 2006, the Scripps Howard Foundation announced a $15 million gift to the Scripps College of Communication to support a wide variety of programs and initiatives involving scholarships and internships, among other things. Because of this unique partnership, Scripps College of Communication students are encouraged to explore careers at the Scripps companies. Openings can be found at

Reporting Internships & Experiential Learning for Students

Are you an Ohio University Scripps College of Communication student headed into an internship experience or completing an experiential learning experience? We'd love to know about it!

The Scripps College of Communication has instituted new reporting forms for these types of experiences for ALL students across the college! Please help us to track the amazing internships and experiences you're completing by filling out the appropriate form at the conclusion of your experience.

If you are completing an internship whether required for graduation (e.g. the School of Journalism or the School of Visual Communication) or not, complete the form at this link:

You MUST complete the form in its entirety, complete with your supervisor name and email.

JOURNALISM students: After you have completed the Internship Report Form, your internship supervisor will receive an email from Ohio University Scripps College of Communication with an internship evaluation link and password that allows them to complete and return your internship evaluation. Your internship evaluation form is used to verify that you have completed your internships. After your internship supervisor completes your evaluation form, it will be sent to you academic advisor for approval. After your academic advisor approves your internship evaluation form, your DARS will be updated to reflect you have completed your internship requirement for your degree. 


IF you are reporting any other type of experience, such as a class community involvement project, a study away program or volunteer work that involved the application of your communication skills, please fill out the Experiential Learning Report Form at the following link:

You DO NOT need to fill out both forms. If you are unsure of which form to complete or have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to Director of Student Development Erin Roberts.