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Journalism is a profession that incorporates knowledge from various disciplines, as well as critical thinking and practical application skills. Students in OHIO's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism are positioned to learn how to prepare and present news and information in a changing media landscape, as well as how to communicate messages on behalf of companies and organizations. A journalism degree also provides key verbal and written skills, an analytic mindset and inquisitive nature necessary to be successful in a variety of professions.

Click here for the current check sheet of requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree for students entering Scripps in Fall of 2021.

Click here for the check sheet for students who started before Fall of 2021.

Major Tracks

News and Information

Bobcat and meteorologist Alex George got her dream job after graduating. Here, she responds to rapid-fire questions about OHIO.


With convergence across platforms accelerating in news media, the News and Information track includes broadcast news, magazine, news writing & editing and online journalism. This track provides tremendous flexibility for students wanting to work in any aspect of news media.

Students interested in broadcast news prepare for the new digital world of electronic journalism with hands-on courses, working on public broadcast and cable news and sports programs, and through internships. Students can begin volunteering for the nightly newscast, WOUB's "Newswatch," The Bobcat Sports Showcase, Hardwood Heroes, or the Emmy-winning Gridiron Glory sports program as early as their freshman year. Other opportunities to get involved include student chapters of national professional organizations such as the Radio Television Digital News Association and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Students with a strong magazine interest can develop their professional skills by working on campus publications such as Backdrop, Thread, College Green, Southeast Ohio magazine, and

Students with a strong news writing and editing interest gain experience through hands-on courses, working on campus and local media such as The Post, the Athens News and the Athens Messenger. 

Students with a strong online journalism interest gain practical, hands-on experience in courses, as well as by working on any number of campus and local media with websites (e.g., The Post, WOUB News, the Athens News,, etc.).

Students can begin volunteering with campus and area media as early as their freshman year.

Strategic Communication

Victoria LaPoe and students

Students in this track select courses that provide a broad preparation for learning to communicate messages on behalf of clients. Foundation courses for the Strategic Communication track provide students with a survey of the strategic communication discipline. They also introduce students to communication theory, research and writing that will be required in the remainder of the program. Students can select elective courses that focus on advertising or public relations or that address other media topics and skills.

In addition to the coursework, students can develop their professional skills by working with 1804 Communications as well as other campus publications. Students in the Strategic Communication track also have access to several visiting professionals each year who come to campus as a Jerry Sloan Visiting Professional.

The Carr Van Anda Program

Journalism students with intellectual interests or career goals that encompass a variety of media-related areas that go beyond the two tracks offered in the School of Journalism may consider customizing their program of study.

The Carr Van Anda program allows School of Journalism majors to create an individualized course of study within the journalism framework. The Carr Van Anda program includes the five journalism core courses plus an approved selection of courses in journalism, media arts & studies or visual communication to equal 39 hours. Of the non-core courses, a minimum of 12 hours must be in journalism. In addition, a student in the Carr Van Anda program must meet all journalism liberal arts, specialization area and internship requirements and all Ohio University general education requirements. 

A student completing the Carr Van Anda program will earn the Bachelor of Science in Journalism (BSJ), the same as journalism students in the news and information and strategic communication tracks.

To qualify, students must be junior-status and have a minimum 3.0 GPA in all academic work. Interested students should talk with their advisers about the possible advantages in pursuing a Carr Van Anda program.

Download the Carr Van Anda application [DOC]


Advertising and Public Relations minor [PDF]

The Advertising and Public Relations minor within the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism offers students introductory knowledge and skills needed to create purposeful communication for an organization (profit and non-profit) to fulfill its mission.  This minor focuses on developing an understanding from consumer insights holistic ideas to give students detailed training in the writing and creation of brand messaging.

Journalism Minor

The Journalism minor offers students an overview of the role of media in society and an understanding of basic theories and practices of newsgathering. The minor helps students to communicate information about their major disciplines to a wide audience across multiple media platforms.