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HTC Journalism

Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College (HTC) is a highly selective and unique honors college of national prominence. In collaboration with different schools and departments across campus, it offers a variety of programs of study, among them the HTC journalism program.

The tutorial program of the School of Journalism offers an individualized course of study for exceptional students. It is the aim of this program to provide such students with a superior undergraduate, professional education through the use of tutorials and advanced placement. Maximum opportunity will be afforded for the student to work at his or her own pace. The tutorial program serves as preparation for graduate study or employment in various fields of journalism such as newspaper or broadcast reporting, magazine writing or editing, online journalism, public relations, and advertising.

Typically, the tutorial program is designed along a four-year degree track. The first three years focus on journalism tutorials, on core and sequence courses in journalism, and on liberal arts education. The fourth year will be used to broaden and deepen the journalism education, both professionally and academically. Students also will prepare a professional project or thesis during this year.

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HTC Journalism Tutorials

A tutorial consists of a one-on-one course, a mini-group with up to three students, or a small seminar. Such a setting provides the type of individualized attention and academic challenge capable of stimulating the intellectual growth of talented and creative students. The director of studies for the tutorial program in journalism assigns tutors in accord with the interests of the student. The tutor, in consultation with the student, then develops an individual plan of instruction. In addition to the tutorials, HTC journalism students will also take normal classes in the School of Journalism and liberal education classes.


Dr. Victoria LaPoe, Director of Tutorial Studies in Journalism. 

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Rachel Ferchak, selected by the faculty as the top graduating HTC journalism student for 2012, talks about her experiences as a student at Ohio University.