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Application Process

Complete applications received by November 15 will be reviewed by Undergraduate Admissions and HTC to determine whether the application will be forwarded to the Director(s) of Studies (faculty members responsible for administering each program of study) for further review. Directors of Studies will select candidates for required on-campus interviews.

The College is highly selective, typically enrolling only 75 students each year across all of its programs of study. Applicants who do not receive an invitation to interview for an HTC program automatically will be reviewed for admission to the appropriate OHIO college. Because of the nature of a tutorial education, an on-campus interview with Directors of Studies and faculty tutors is required. Interview dates tentatively are scheduled as part of the OHIO Honors and Scholars Selection Days in late January and early February. Applicants interviewing in HTC music, dance, or performance theater will audition on Interview Day. After interviews are completed, offers of admission will be sent to selected applicants by mid-February.

How to Apply

Students are encouraged to apply using the Common Application. Applicants should plan to submit a list of activities, one or more letters of recommendation, and three essays found on the OHIO Honors and Scholars section of the Common App.

Note that materials must be submitted by November 15, 2019, for priority consideration.

Students interested in applying for transfer admission should follow the transfer application guidelines

Applying for HTC consideration after submitting the Common App

If you decide to apply for an HTC major after you have submitted your application for admission, simply e-mail admissions@ohio.edu with:

  1. your selected major(s) and major code(s) Choose up to two HTC majors from the majors list.
  2. your first and last name
  3. your date of birth or PID number
  4. materials as outlined below

HTC Materials

Honors Tutorial College applicants should submit a list of activities, one or more letters of recommendation, and three essays (see below). Your responses to these questions will be considered by all individuals involved in the Honors Tutorial College admission process. What and how you communicate are important in helping us determine if a tutorial education is the best fit for you. While it is acceptable to ask someone to review your answers for feedback, the writing and ideas should be your own. If you are applying to two programs of study, be sure to answer all essay questions appropriately for each program. Recommended word count is 500 words per essay.

  1. Please explain why you have chosen your particular program(s) of study.
  2. We expect that one reason you seek a tutorial education is for the one-on-one interaction with faculty, but other than that, what interests you about pursuing a tutorial-based undergraduate education? What aspects of your education and life experience have prepared you for a tutorial education with its emphasis on research and creative activity?
  3. Respond to any one of the Personal Essay prompts in the Common Application Writing section OR describe an outside-the-classroom experience in which you learned something new or came to understand something familiar in a new way. (Recommended length: 250-500 words)

Additionally, Film applicants are required to submit via the online film materials form at least one of the following items: a personal statement, a short essay, a link to your relevant work(s), an original screenplay, or a creative resume.

Optional Materials

Please do not send original artwork or other "one-of-a-kind" materials. Because of the number of applications received, it will not be possible to return materials.

Submit supplemental materials via e-mail, postal mail, or fax.

E-mail: admissions@ohio.edu

Postal: Undergraduate Admissions
Chubb Hall 120
1 Ohio University Drive
Athens OH 45701-2979

Fax: 740.593.0560

Recommended Additional Admission Material

To provide better insight into their abilities, HTC applicants are strongly encouraged to submit the optional materials below. Applicants who do not submit additional materials by November 15 may be contacted and asked to submit them at a later date.

Biological Sciences
Applicants may submit two letters of recommendation, at least one from a math or science teacher.

Applicants may submit one writing sample, preferably a research paper.

Applicants may submit two letters of recommendation, at least one from a math or science teacher.

Communication Studies
Applicants may submit one writing sample, which may be any paper from high school.

Applicants may submit a written essay on the significance of dance to the applicant's career objectives, along with two letters of recommendation, one from a dance instructor and one from an academic teacher or counselor. Writing samples from academic coursework are also encouraged.

Applicants may submit a copy of an essay written for an English class, which analyzes a literary work. If possible, the essay should incorporate secondary sources (but this is not essential). Applicants interested in creative writing may also submit a short sample of creative work.

Applicants may submit a writing portfolio including at least three samples of published work. Students who intend to study broadcast and/or multimedia journalism are also encouraged to submit links to short video or audio clips in addition to the writing portfolio.

Media Arts & Studies
Applicants interested in integrated media (narrative video), music production and recording industry, screenwriting and producing, games and animation, or media and social change must submit a portfolio of work that may include creative or written work.

Applicants may submit two letters of recommendation, at least one from a math or science teacher.

Applicants may submit two letters of recommendation that speak to the applicant's knowledge and use of the language and culture. Samples of graded papers in Spanish with at least two pages of writing with teacher comments are also welcome.

Studio Art
Applicants may submit an initial portfolio in electronic format for review at ohio.slideroom.com.

Applicants may submit a copy of a paper written for an English or social studies class.


Request Info

Please request application information regarding admission as a student using the form below.