Ohio University

We're all adjusting. OIT is here to help.

As we all settle into teaching, learning, and working together online, even thinking about sorting through tools and best practices can feel overwhelming. The Office of Information Technology is here to help.

Live Technology Training just for you

With hundreds of OHIO students, faculty, and staff already served, our Technology Training hub offers live, hands-on help from OIT experts:

  • Workshops introduce you and/or your team to many of the tools and services we offer. Our live, online workshops are a great place to start if you already know the tool that you plan to use but need an overview to get your creative juices flowing. Each workshop includes time at the end to ask questions of the presenter. 
    • Prefer to learn on your own? Each workshop description includes links to self-help resources elsewhere on our site.
  • Consultations are designed to meet you exactly where you are, one-on-one. We offer:
    • Tool-Focused Consultations for when you’re already using a tool but need help getting the most out of it.
    • Problem-Focused Consultations to help you find the best tool to address a specific challenge.
    • IT Security Consultations for when you want to ensure that you’re handling data and devices securely.

These offerings will continue to grow and evolve to suit OHIO’s needs.

Prefer learning on your own? Explore the Service Catalog

The OIT Service Catalog lists every tool and service that we offer. For each service offering (e.g. Microsoft Teams), you will find:

  1. Description and Access - explains what the technology is, how you access it, and who is eligible to use it.
  2. Help and Resources - walks you through getting started, using the technology, and troubleshooting.
  3. Accessibility - resources to help you implement the technology in a way that’s best for everyone, including people with disabilities.

More to come

In the coming weeks, OIT will be adding a Self-Training section to our Technology Training hub, which will feature:

  • Digital Toolboxes organized by topic to help you decide which technology works best for what you’re trying to do.
  • A centralized, searchable list of Help and Resources pages to make it easier to find the answers you need.

Stay tuned for more on these topics! If you need immediate assistance, contact the IT Service Desk, and we will be happy to help.