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GO OHIO, the official app of Ohio University, is a web and mobile app that connects students to their OHIO experience, meets students where they are, and provides digital access to key services, important contacts, support, and information that helps students succeed.

The app is a University-level initiative that aligns with the presidential priority to continue improving the student experience and student success. Development of the app is directed by a product governance board and informed through student feedback and a steering committee made up of stakeholders across campus.

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Product Governance Board

The product governance board provides strategic leadership and decision-making for the Go OHIO app.

  • Chris Ament, Chief Information Officer
  • Candace Boeninger, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • David Nguyen, Dean of University College
  • Robin Oliver, Vice President for University Communications & Marketing
  • Lyn Redington, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Elizabeth Sayrs, Executive Vice President & Provost

Steering Committee

The Go OHIO Steering Committee represents campus stakeholder groups and provides feedback to shape the development and implementation of the initiative. 

Steering Committee Member Stakeholder Representation
Deb Benton Office of the University Registrar
Halie Best University Communications & Marketing  
Chad Boeninger University Libraries
Christina Bratton Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Bob Bulow Office of the University Registrar
Carey Busch Provost's Office
Ryan Chapman Enrollment Marketing
Jenny Klein Assistant Deans Council
Wendy Merb-Brown Office of First-Year & Student Transitions
Valerie Miller Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Robert Pleasant Regional Higher Education - Student Services
Kim Trout Office of the Bursar
Larry Tumblin Regional Higher Education - Information Technology
Megan Vogel Division of Student Affairs
Jen Van Nostran Office of Information Technology - Product Manager
Julie Chiki Office of Information Technology - Change Lead



Spring 2023 – 200 students were invited to participate in a beta phase to provide feedback on early version of Go OHIO

Summer 2023 – Soft launch (Go OHIO available in app stores)

Fall 2023 – Go OHIO marketed to all undergraduate students


Frequently asked questions

What is Go OHIO?

Go OHIO is the official Ohio University app that connects students to their OHIO experience, meets students where they are, and provides digital access to key services, important contacts, support, and information that help students succeed.

Why do we need Go OHIO?

Go OHIO is part of the University’s priority to continuously improve the student experience. Students should be able to find the information and resources they need, when they need it, in one central location.

Who is the intended audience? 

For the initial wide release, the target audience is current undergraduate students who are eligible to schedule classes. Future releases of the app will be tailored to unique student experiences (incoming students, OHIO Online, Regional, etc.). However, anyone with an OHIO ID will be able to login. Live data will be displayed based on system access (for example, students will not see information such as “my class schedule” or “my accumulative GPA” until they have matriculated.)

Will faculty and staff have access to the Go OHIO app? 

Anyone with an OHIO ID (all OHIO employees and faculty) will be able to log in to the student persona. Live data will be displayed based on system access. For example, staff members will be able to log in to the student experience but will not see data such as GPA and student account balance on the student dashboard. The guest experience is open to the public, and anyone, including staff and students, will be able to use the guest experience without logging in.

Is everything a student needs included in the Go OHIO app?

The initial release of the app is designed to be a minimum viable product, meaning that only the most important information used by the largest number of students was included, in order to launch the app as quickly as possible. At first, students should not expect to be able to find all information or complete all student tasks within the Go OHIO app. As more students use Go OHIO and provide feedback, the app will be improved over time to provide more content, targeted to specific audiences, with policies in place to guide improvements and avoid overwhelming students with too much information.

Are students able to access My OHIO Student Center directly?

Yes. Students still have access to My OHIO Student Center and will continue to be able to use all of the My OHIO Student Center functionality. At this point, Go OHIO is not a required system. It is another tool for students to use to get the information they need. It will not replace existing systems, aside from My OHIO Portal (uPortal).

How can I get help with a Go OHIO issue?

Please submit a ticket (requires login) through the Technology Help Center.

How do I share my feedback about Go OHIO?

Please complete the feedback survey linked in the Go OHIO app.