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Part 2: Using the Ticketing Application

These videos cover the ticketing application of TeamDynamix, including finding, assigning and updating tickets; using action buttons and ticket tasks; and understanding ticket workflows. The length of each video is indicated in parentheses.


1. Ticketing Application Overview (2:32)

Learning Objectives:

• Access the ticketing application in TDNext
• Create an application desktop in the Tickets or Assets/CIs application
• Access the Tickets home base
• Explore the standard filters on the left navigation menu in the ticketing application

2. Searching and Filtering Tickets (4:04)

Learning Objectives:

• Run one or more of the standard filters or reports in the ticketing application in TDNext
• Use the Filter to search for a subset of tickets
• Create a saved search
• Use the Edit My Searches option to delete a search

3. Forms and Ticket Classifications (2:49)

Learning Objectives:

• Identify which classifications are active in the ticketing application in TDNext
• Explore the default forms for each active classification

4. Creating Tickets in TDNext (6:47)

Learning Objectives:

• View the pinned forms in the ticketing application in TDNext
• Use the Form drop-down to explore the forms available for each ticket classification
• Use a custom form to create an example ticket

  • The knowledge base is include in phase 2 of the TeamDynamix implementation.
  • Technicians should always choose to notify the responsible party when creating a new ticket.


5. Ticket Anatomy (7:14)

Learning Objectives:

• Open an existing ticket and explore the standard and custom fields
• Add a private comment to a ticket
• Explore the Feed of new tickets to see what types of activities are recorded

6. Common Ticket Activities (6:53)

Learning Objectives:

• Assign or reassign a ticket
• Update a ticket
• Add a private comment to a ticket
• Edit a ticket

7. Explaining the Actions Button in a Ticket (6:02)

Learning Objectives:

• Explore the Actions menu on a ticket
• Note the different Actions that are available to you
• Complete a few of the functions in the Actions menu

8. Working with Ticket Tasks (5:55)

Learning Objectives:

• Create a ticket task on a ticket
• Apply a task template to a ticket
• Explore the differences between the Current Activities list and the Tasks/Activities tab on the ticket

9. Working with Ticket Workflows (5:16)

Learning Objectives:

• Find a ticket with an active workflow applied. You may want to use the standard filter "Awaiting Approval" on the left navigation menu in the ticketing application.
• Use the History button to look at the workflow history
• Use the View Progress diagram to explore where the ticket is in the workflow