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Part 1: Finding and Organizing Your Work

These videos cover how to access TeamDynamix, set up your desktop, and find work assigned to you. The length of each video is indicated in parentheses.


1. Accessing TeamDynamix Interfaces (2:03)

Learning Objectives:

• Access your TeamDynamix URL
• Log in to the Client Portal
• Log in to TDNext


  • TDNext is accessible through
  • All IT technicians will have access to TDNext and the Client Portal. Note that OHIO is referring to the Client Portal as the Client Hub.
  • The client hub is accessible at Once signed into the client hub, technicians can also access TDNext by clicking on their name in the upper right-hand corner and selecting TDNext.
2. Using TDNext (2:27)

Learning Objectives:

• Log in to TDNext
• Use the application menu to open an application
• Access the TeamDynamix Help articles
• Close an application


3. Visualizing Information with Desktops (1:41)

Learning Objectives: 

• Access the Desktop application in TDNext
• Investigate any desktops assigned to you


4. Creating and Editing Desktops (3:11)

Learning Objectives:

• Access the Desktop application in TDNext
• Create a new desktop
• Edit or delete a desktop


5. Using the My Work Application (3:03)

Learning Objectives:

• Access the My Work application in TDNext
• View the My Assignments list in the My Work application
• View the My Work list in the My Work application
• Add an assignment to your My Work list