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Change Enablement FAQs

These questions were submitted during the change enablement training.


What is the difference between the "New" and "Create New Ticket" buttons?

All forms will be available under "Create New Ticket," which will include numerous forms once all incident and service request forms are created. Only the most frequently used forms will be pinned under "New." 

How can I add additional people as change implementors?

A new field has been added to the change ticket to add contacts under the implementation category. Check the box to "Notify Contact(s)" to ensure they receive updates. Once a ticket is created, you can also add contacts to the ticket using the "people" tab.

Should I be able to answer the questions under Change Manager Review when I submit an RFC?

Technicians have the ability to edit these questions but are not required to answer them. Change managers may edit as needed during their review.

How do we determine the Acct/Dept codes?

This field auto-populates and is based on the account of the requestor.

Can non-TDX users respond to tickets?

Anyone affiliated with OHIO can be listed as an additional contact and receive a notification email from TDX for an RFC. Once ticketing is launched, external users can also be added as additional contacts for incidents and service requests.

Why can I add negative hours for the time estimate?

Although not recommended, the ticket will allow you to submit negative time estimates. It will not affect reporting if a negative number is accidentally submitted, but could result in a break in the space-time continuum.

Who is the change manager?

The person submitting the ticket is the requestor and usually the implementor. The change manager will review all submitted change tickets.