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MyTrips (ISOS)

The International SOS Assistance App and International SOS MyTrips are a combined travel information and enrollment system available through our partnership with International SOS, a global security firm. 

In the International SOS system, Ohio University travelers share trip details (i.e., flight or other transportation and accommodations/housing) with the Office of Global Opportunities and receive important and helpful travel information, updates, and emergency updates from International SOS.

International SOS Assistance App and MyTrips are available to all Ohio University students, staff, and faculty traveling on university business. Enrolled travelers receive key health, safety, and security information for both domestic and international travel. 

For international travelers, being enrolled with International SOS provides easy access to and facilitates the use of OHIO's international emergency accident and sickness insurance coverage.

All travelers can use the "Check In" feature available in the International SOS Assistance App during an emergency or to update arrival at a new location.

For students, this is Part 2 of the required travel registration process.

The International SOS Assistance App 

The International SOS Assistance App is available for phones and tablets such as iPhone, Android smartphones, and Windows phone.

Scan the QR code below or visit the  from your smartphone's browser or search 'International SOS' in your phone's app store.

This is an image of a QR Code. When scanned it will automatically open the ISOS assistant app download page on a phone

First-time users will create an account and register using your OHIO email address and password for validation. Once you've logged in, you should be redirected to the App Account Setup page, where you can complete your profile details.

The International SOS Assistance App allows you to: 

  • Obtain essential medical and security information prior to departure or while traveling. 
  • Instantly call an International SOS Assistance center for immediate support. 
  • Receive alerts for countries of your choice. 
  • Use the check-in feature of your International SOS Assistance App at points along your route improves the accurateness of the travel and emergency information shared with you. 


MyTrips Web Version

Access MyTrips Online Here

We highly recommend using the International SOS Assistance App during travel as this will provide you with the fastest emergency updates and information while traveling.

If you prefer to use International SOS MyTrips online instead of the App version, click the access link above. When it opens, select "New User? Register Here." Set up an account. You must use your OHIO email address (e.g., and create a unique password.

Users can access ISOS Assistance MyTrips App instructions here.

Adding a trip

Once you have set up your account in the App or Web Version or if you are a returning user, be sure to add your trip details (such as flights and accommodation/housing).


Forward your flight, hotel, or car rental itinerary confirmation email (without any editing or extra text) from your OHIO email address

Please note:

  • After successful receipt, you will receive an automated email regarding the processing status;
  • You can always log into your International SOS Assistance App or MyTrips online account to confirm that your travel details have been uploaded correctly;
  • If you change your booking, you can forward the latest itinerary confirmation email and your travel details should be updated;
  • The confirmation email should be in English;
  • If your email confirmation contains a PDF document, it must be included when forwarding it to the International SOS MyTrips system.

OHIO faculty, staff, and students purchasing travel through Concur and Christopherson Business Travel will automatically see their travel uploaded to the International SOS Assistance App and MyTrips system.

For support adding a trip manually, see the FAQ below.

MyTrip Features and Benefits

Aside from emergency support, the International SOS Assistance App and MyTrips system offers enrolled travelers several of benefits.

  • Pre-Trip Advisory -
    • Direct access to International SOS travel information including location-specific information about culture, security, health, and travel requirements.
    • Pre-Trip Advisory emails with information and links relevant to each destination.
    • Direct access International SOS from your app to talk to an International SOS representative. 
  • Onsite Support -
    • Call from the International SOS App (or at +1 215 942-8478) to talk with an International SOS representative for medical advice, emergency support, to schedule a medical appointment, and to access OHIO's international health insurance benefits.
    • Incident support and check-in during high-level emergencies.
  • Automatic Pushed Alerts -
    • Real-time updates and alert emails directly from regarding destination locations during entered travel dates.
    • Incident support and check-in during high-level emergencies.

The accuracy of itinerary information shared with the International SOS App and MyTrips system guides

On the website, travelers can also sign up to receive Pre-Trip Advisory emails and International SOS alerts tailored to their travel destination(s). 

If you are driving to your destination(s), make sure you manually enter your driving itinerary and details under "ground transportation." See the FAQ below for manual entry information.

MyTrips FAQ

How do I create an International SOS MyTrips Web profile?
  1. Click on the 'Access MyTrips' button above to get to the International SOS MyTrips website. 
  2. If you have not enrolled in International SOS MyTrips or added your travel before, select "New User? Register here" to create your MyTrips Profile. 
    • When setting up your account, make sure to use your OHIO email address (ie. as your "Username."
How do I add my flight or accommodation details?

You can add your trip details either by forwarding booking confirmations (recommended) OR by manually entering in the details in the International SOS Assistance App or through the International SOS MyTrips web version.

Regardless of which method you choose, always remember to update your trip details if your travel plans change during your trip.

Option 1: Forwarding your confirmation

See above

Option 2: Manual Entry

If you don't have an email confirmation from your booking to forward, you can always manually enter your trip details. 

  • In the web version, after creating or updating your profile, sign back into International SOS MyTrips and select “Create New Trip".
    • Your Trip Name/Reservation ID should be reflective of your travel plans. For example, if you are traveling to a conference, list the conference name here. 
  • Add in all known travel details. You will need to enter in flight or accommodation information in order to save your trip. 

When utilizing this option, please note:

  • You must enter Flight information or Accommodation details in order to save your trip;
  • Flights: type the first letter and an Airline or Airport list will pop-up;
  • Flights: Make sure to include ALL legs of your flight
  • Accommodation: Start typing in the address and a pop-up window will try searching for the address. 
  • Pay attention to the red asterisks; they mark all required data that you may have missed. 
  • When done, always remember to click Save. 
How do I add my travel details if I am driving my personal vehicle?

This is a great question! MyTrips was built with travel services in mind (flights, rental cars, trains, etc) which can make it confusing when your travel details don't fit neatly into those categories. 

If you are driving your personal vehicle, please use the directions below:

  1. Log into your MyTrips profile.
  2. Use the 'Create New Trip' button to manually add in your trip details.
  3. Select "Ground Transportation"
    • Name: Since you will be driving a personal vehicle, just state "Personal". If you are renting a vehicle, this is where you would indicate the company you are renting from. 
    • Pick-up Address: This is the address where you will be leaving from for your journey. 
    • Pick-up Date/Time: This is your estimated date/time when you will be leaving.
    • Drop-Off Address: This is the address where you will be ending your journey. 
    • Drop-Off Date/Time: This is your estimated date/time when you will be arriving at your destination.

Don't forget - you can also use the International SOS "Check-In" Feature throughout your journey to check in whenever you stop along your drive. 

Why should I enroll in International SOS MyTrips and add my travel details?

Enrolling in International SOS MyTrips allows our security partner International SOS to provide you with direct information based on where you may be going. This includes:

  • Pre-Trip Advisory - Before you depart, ISOS will send a Pre-Trip Advisory email with information and links relevant to each of their destination countries. 
  • Access to Medical Assistance - During international travel, call International SOS for support finding a medical appointment, emergency services, and for help setting up a guarantee of payment using OHIO's international emergency health insurance.
  • Automatic Pushed Alerts - In the event that there are Travel Updates, Medical Alerts, and/or Special Advisories for your destination, you be able to receive real-time Alert emails directly from ISOS regarding your destination. 

The most important reason this system allows OHIO to understand our global footprint and contact OHIO student, staff, and faculty travelers in the event of an emergency aboard.

How do I use International SOS to access medical care abroad?

When traveling with OHIO, all students, staff and faculty are covered by OHIO's international emergency health insurance plan. For more details about this coverage, please see our health and safety website.

International SOS supports OHIO travelers in accessing medical care or onsite security support abroad including:

  • Advising travelers on local health and emergency services
  • Setting up physical and mental health appointments
  • Advising on ER access
  • And when possible, setting up a guarantee of payment with providers so that travelers do not have to pay out of pocket for covered services.

Call International SOS directly from the International SOS Assistance App or at +1 215 942-8478 to make inquiries, schedule appointments, for mental health support, or any other travel health or travel security concern.

I have a visual impairment and cannot use the ISOS Assistance App. What are my options?

Please contact the Health, Safety and Risk Management team at the Office of Global Opportunities at We will develop a personalized communication plan in order to support you during your travels.