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For OHIO Credit Programs, the following withdraw policy is applicable. This policy is outlined several times throughout the nomination process including in the nomination email, as well as the conditions of participation. 

To formally withdraw from a program, the student must notify, in writing, the Program Director and the Office of Global Opportunities of their intention to withdraw. 

Withdraw Policy 

If a student decides to withdraw or are removed from the program after accepting their nomination and paying the deposit, the student will still be held responsible for fees related to the program.  

Specifically, the student will be charged 100% of the program fee (as indicated in the program’s  Student Budget Worksheet) and the $150 administrative fee. In any instance in which airfare has been purchased on the student’s behalf, they will additionally be billed for the cost of the airfare. Tuition refunds will be applied according to university policy. Documented medical emergencies will be given special consideration.  

This includes if a student is unable or unwilling to participate in the program for any of the following reasons: 

  • Student was unable to get the required travel documents; 
  • Student has a medical necessity as documented by a written statement from a medical doctor indicating their inability to participate in the program; 
  • Student realized they could not afford it; or 
  • Student has chosen to withdraw for any other reason