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Types of Aid

When it comes to paying for school, you're not alone. Grants, scholarships, work-study, and low-interest loans help make college more affordable. Financial aid is offered from many sources. Please visit the Federal Student Aid website as well as the links on this website to review the types of aid programs offered.

Financial aid offers may be affected by estimated financial assistance (EFA). In general, EFA is defined as any form of financial assistance given to a student by the institution, an individual, or an outside organization. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • institutional and outside agency scholarship funds
  • employer reimbursement of tuition
  • tuition/fee waivers
  • AmeriCorps funds

Students can only receive financial assistance (federal, state, and institutional aid and outside EFA) up to the total Cost of Attendance. Outside EFA funds received in a prior academic year may be estimated for a future academic year to prevent overestimating financial aid. However, once EFA funds are received by Ohio University, they will be counted as a resource. When EFA is added to a student's overall financial aid offer, other types of aid, such as Federal Direct Loans or certain grant funds, may require a reduction to prevent an overaward situation.