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Federal Loans

Details on interest rates, fees, and options to repay your loans are available below. Select the link within each program description. Review our Navigation Tips [PDF] for steps to complete the most common loan requirements.

More details about federal loan programs

Federal Direct Student Loans

Federal Direct Subsidized Loans

These loans are offered based on financial need. Interest does not accrue as long as the student is enrolled at least half time.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Financial need is not required to receive this loan. Interest accrues once the student receives the funds.

Maximum Annual Loan Limits

Academic Level



Subsidized Limit

Freshman (0-29 Hrs)



No more than $3,500

Sophomore (30-59 Hrs)



No more than $4,500

Junior/Senior (60+ Hrs)



No more than $5,500

Graduate or Professional




Associate Degree



No more than $4,500


Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

These loans are available to an eligible parent of a dependent student. The parent may apply online for the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan using the parent FSA ID and password. A parent is defined as a biological or adoptive mother or father. The spouse of a parent (i.e., the student's stepparent) who has remarried is also eligible to borrow a PLUS on the student's behalf, if the stepparent is listed on the FAFSA and his/her income is utilized to determine a student's aid eligibility. First time parent borrowers must complete the PLUS Loan Agreement (MPN). A credit check is required for the parent.

If the parent does not pass the credit check, there are three options available:

1. If the parent believes there was an error made on the credit check, the parent can work with Applicant Services (1.800.557.7394). If credit is overridden, parents must also complete PLUS Counseling. 

2. The parent can obtain a credit-worthy endorser. The endorser must complete an Endorser Addendum agreeing to repay the loan in the event the parent fails to do so and pass the credit check. The parent must complete a Loan Agreement (MPN) and PLUS Counseling

3. The final option if the credit check is not passed is for the parent to decline the PLUS loan and allow the student to borrow an additional unsubsidized loan. For students with fewer than 60 credits, an additional $4,000 may be borrowed. For students with 60 or more credits, the additional amount is $5,000 for the school year.

Graduate PLUS Loan

Available to graduate or professional degree students. Students may apply for the Graduate PLUS Loan online using their FSA ID and password. Students must pass a credit check and complete the PLUS Loan Agreement (MPN) and Graduate PLUS Entrance Counseling. If the student does not pass the credit check, there are two options available.

1. If the student believes there was an error made on the credit check, the student can work with Applicant Services (1.800.557.7394).

2. The student can obtain a credit-worthy endorser. The endorser must pass complete an Endorser Addendum agreeing to repay the loan in the event the student fails to do so and pass the credit check.

Federal Perkins Loan

The Federal Perkins Loan program ended on Sept. 30, 2017 with final disbursements permitted through June 30, 2018. As a result, students can no longer be awarded Perkins Loans. A borrower who received a Perkins Loan can learn more about managing the repayment of the loan by contacting either the school that made the loan or the school’s loan servicer. 

Eligibility and Disbursement Requirements

To receive Federal Direct Loan, you must meet the eligibility requirements below:

  • Complete a Loan Agreement (MPN) and Entrance Counseling (if a first-time borrower).
  • Be enrolled at least half time (6 hours for undergraduates or 5 hours for graduate students).
  • Be enrolled in a degree-seeking program.
  • Not be in default on a previous student loan.
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines.
  • Accept, decline, or reduce your loans on your OHIO Student Center.
  • Loans not disbursed prior to October 1st will be cancelled due to annual changes in origination fees. Students will need to request a new loan offer if loans are cancelled due to not completing requirements.

Students receiving a Federal Direct Loans who earn all grades of FN (failed, never attended) or WN (withdrew, never attended) will have their loan(s) canceled for that semester. These adjustments typically occur after the student has been paid a Federal Direct Loan(s) for the semester. The adjustment will create a university balance that, if unpaid, will be subject to the University’s collection process.