Ohio University


The following checklist is your guide to applying for and finalizing your financial aid awards. You can follow this step-by-step checklist to complete all requirements for receiving financial aid. For more details, visit the Award Letter Enclosure.

Submit your FAFSA

  • Create an FSA ID – The FSA ID is the electronic signature for your FAFSA. Both the student and a parent must obtain an FSA ID to sign FAFSA upon submission.
  • Complete a FAFSA – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only application for Federal, State, and institutional financial aid. Do not pay to complete the FAFSA. It is a free application. The FAFSA opens October 1 each year. Complete the FAFSA by OHIO's first-priority consideration date of January 15 to be considered for all available financial aid programs.

Financial Aid Awards

  • Visit OHIO Student Center – login to your Student Center to review your financial aid awards.
  • Review awarding information in the Award Letter Enclosure.
  • Accept/Decline Loans – On your Student Center, select Accept/Decline to make loan decisions.
  • View Award Details – Select each award listed on your Student Center to review the details. Make sure to review all scholarship details for renewal criteria.

Federal Work-Study

Selected for Verification?

  • Check your To-Do List – Any items required to complete your FAFSA processing will be listed here.
  • Visit Forms – The Forms webpage will give you access to all requested forms.
  • Return all documents to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships via:
    • Mail – Chubb Hall 020, Athens, OH 45701
    • Fax – 740-593-4140

Federal Loan Requirements

  • Students (First-time borrowers) complete the following at https://studentaid.gov:
    • Loan Agreement (MPN)
    • Entrance Counseling
  • Parent Borrowers (if desired), complete the following at https://studentaid.gov:
    • Parent PLUS Loan application
    • Complete PLUS Loan Agreement (MPN)
    • Complete PLUS Counseling

Additional Items