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Financial Literacy

Are you interested in learning better ways to manage your money while going to school? Are you close to graduation and wondering about loan repayment options?

The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships would like to invite you to utilize a financial literacy resource, GradReady, which will provide you with information and tools to help you manage your finances now and plan for tomorrow. Watch a video, browse the website, complete a budget worksheet; there are a number of resources designed just for you!

Creating an account takes less than 2 minutes and it's FREE! Simply click the "grad ready" link below to get started!



Additional Resources

The following links are provided on the Federal Student Aid website regarding loan repayment. We recommend you use the Repayment Estimator every time you are considering borrowing loans. You can also view the various repayment plans to understand your options upon entering repayment. We also recommend you review the repayment information discussed on this website.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education has produced a video series to raise awareness of student debt avoidance and to provide tips to help college students find available financial assistance. You can view this video here: