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OUr Point: Weekly Bulletin from the Faculty Senate

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Monday, October 4, 2021 Senate Meeting 7-9 p.m.
Irvine 194 and Teams Meeting Link 

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Passed Resolutions

A resolution to seek parity in budgetary cuts to expenses of administrative and academic. 

SIGNED July 6, 2021

A resolution to form a committee charged with reviewing and changing the scheduling process for regional campus course offerings. 

No signature required.

Current Signed Resolutions

A resolution in support of recommendations for instructional evaluations. 

PASSED April 5, 2021

SIGNED April 12, 2021

A resolution on the Yusuf Kalyango De-Tenuring Hearing. 

No signature required.

A resolution to modify undergraduate catalog of entry policy.

Signed February 15, 2021

A resolution regarding the reinstatement of faculty Purchase Cards privileges. 

No signature required.

A resolution to support the Ohio Faculty Council.

No signature required.

A resolution on Ohio Transfer Module Language.

Passed January 6, 2021

A resolution to update the Faculty Handbook with inclusive pronouns. 

Signed November 15, 2020

A resolution amending the Faculty Handbook on student dress and appearance.

Signed September 14, 2020

A resolution to change promotion and tenure language in the Faculty Senate handbook necessitated by One Ohio. 

Passed May 4, 2020

Signed July 9, 2020

A resolution to change Faculty Senate handbook language required for One Ohio.

Passed May 4, 2020

Signed July 9, 2020