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Passed Resolutions

Passed Resolutions

A resolution to clarify grievance procedures.

A resolution adopting parliamentary authority standard code.

Passed, Unsigned

A resolution to clarify grievance procedures.

A resolution on multi-year contracts for Instructional Faculty.

A resolution to clarify the meaning of inadequate consideration. 

A resolution on polices on leadership searches.

Signed Resolutions

A resolution to revise requirements for the University Professor Award.

A resolution to clarify differential workload distributions for regional faculty in the faculty handbook.

A resolution regarding the textbook auto adoption policy.

A resolution to allow accelerated graduate pathways and early admission to non-degree graduate programs.

A resolution to guide the formation of department and school promotion and tenure committees under One OHIO.

A resolution to clarify the definition of class vs. course.

A resolution to require continuous enrollment for Ph.D., Ed.D., and M.F.A. students.

A resolution to establish a leave of absence policy for Ph.D., Ed.D., and M.F.A. students.

A resolution to clarify Faculty Senate Handbook Language for Deans Evaluations.

A resolution to remove early retirement policy language from the Faculty Handbook.

A resolution to establish a limit on Ph.D. transfer credit.

A resolution to amend undergraduate certificate description and requirements.

A resolution to clarify University Faculty Fellowship Leaves.

A resolution on Instructional Faculty contracts.

A resolution on the inclusion of bonuses in contracts.

A resolution clarifying P&T Appeal.

A resolution on changing the management structure for the CFO. 

A resolution to allow online voting.