Ohio University

Ohio University COVID-19 Dashboard

Ohio University has requested that all students, faculty, and staff on all campuses who test positive, have symptoms, or have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19:

  1. Fill out the COVID-19 Incident Report, and
  2. Call the Ohio University COVID-19 Hotline to ask COVID-related questions, to be connected to further resources including potential testing at an OhioHealth testing site or guidance to alternative testing sites, and to submit reports of positive COVID-19 tests.

Note: As indicated above, Ohio University has a two-step notification process. Initially, as people got used to this process, the number of cases reported through the Ohio University COVID-19 Hotline (now included in the COVID dashboard below) and through the COVID-19 Incident Report did not closely align and both numbers were reported. Currently, however, case numbers reported from both systems are in close alignment and thus, only the COVID-19 Hotline Results will be reported in the COVID dashboard below moving forward.

Positivity Rates: Currently, as testing is of symptomatic individuals only, positivity rates would be inflated if calculated with current data. Positivity rates will be calculated when randomized testing data is available.

COVID Dashboard

The data below represents quarantine and isolation space available for students during Phase 1. Additional rooms will be made available to meet quarantine and isolation needs in Phase 2.

Additional data on the availability of campus PPE, enhanced cleaning status, and the status of the Athens Campus Care can be found in the below dashboard, along with both county level data and regional hospital capacity information, which is provided by the State of Ohio.