University Curriculum Council Policies

Program Policies

Program Committee Guidelines, Polices, and Procedures Word 

Undergraduate Major or Graduate Degree Program Template Word

Undergraduate Minor Program Template Word

Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate Program Template Word

Accelerated Graduate Pathway Template Word

Program Change Proposal Template Word

Policy on the Use of Degree, Major, Minor, and Certificate Language PDF

Expedited Program Change Requests Word PDF

Definitions and Requirements for Certificate Program Word PDF

Policy on Granting an Exemption from Program Requirements Word PDF

Program Relocation Process Word PDF

Process for Offering Approved Undergraduate Programs at other Ohio University Campuses Word PDF

Cross Departmental Requirements Word PDF

Individual Course Policies

Individual Course Committee Forms and Guidelines Word

Recommendations for Assessment Learning PDF

Recommendations for Experiential Learning Language PDF

Policy on J-Course and JE-Course Criteria PDF

Policy on General Education Substitutions PDF