Ohio University

Senators by College

College of Arts and Sciences

Gang Chen Profile Picture
Gang Chen
Physics and Astronomy
(740) 593-9610
Doug Clowe Profile Picture
Doug Clowe
Physics & Astronomy
(740) 593-0063
Cory Crawford Profile Picture
Cory Crawford
Classics and World Religion
(740) 593-4699
Dominique Duvert Profile Picture
Dominique Duvert
Modern Languages
(740) 593-2819
Jim Dyer Profile Picture
Jim Dyer
(740) 593-1142
Molly Gurien Profile Picture
Molly Gurien
Biological Sciences
(740) 593-4228
Gary Holcomb Profile Picture
Gary Holcomb
African American Studies
Mary Kate Hurley Profile Picture
Mary Kate Hurley
(740) 593-2786
Robert Ingram Profile Picture
Robert Ingram
(740) 593-4348
Daniel Karney Profile Picture
Daniel Karney
(740) 593-2040
Glenn Matlack Profile Picture
Glenn Matlack
Environmental and Plant Biology
(740) 593-1131
Lauren  McMills Profile Picture
Lauren McMills
Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2022
(740) 593-1754
Robin Muhammad Profile Picture
Robin Muhammad
Chair, Faculty Senate African American Studies
(740) 593-9306
Bill Owens Profile Picture
Bill Owens
Classics & World Religions
Ruth Palmer Profile Picture
Ruth Palmer
Classics & World Religions
(740) 597-2108
Nukhet Sandal Profile Picture
Nukhet Sandal
Political Science Director, War and Peace Studies
(740) 593-4373
Gary Sarver Profile Picture
Gary Sarver
(740) 593-1081
Associate Professor, Sociology
(740) 593-1387
Bentley Annex 123

College of Business

Jacob Hiler Profile Picture
Jacob Hiler
(740) 276-5913
Andrew Pueschel Profile Picture
Andrew Pueschel
(740) 593-2237
David  Ridpath Profile Picture
David Ridpath
Sports Administration
(740) 593-9496
Ana Rosado Feger Profile Picture
Ana Rosado Feger
Faculty Senate Secretary Management
(740) 593-0119


James "Mick"  Andzulis Profile Picture
James "Mick" Andzulis
(740) 593-2069
Robert Foehl Profile Picture
Robert Foehl
Management Systems
(740) 593-2142
Shawnee Meek Profile Picture
Shawnee Meek
(740) 593-0019
Elizabeth Wanless Profile Picture
Elizabeth Wanless
Sports Administration

Scripps College of Communication

Benjamin  Bates Profile Picture
Benjamin Bates
Faculty Senate Vice Chair Communication Studies
(740) 593-9163
Elizabeth Hendrickson Profile Picture
Elizabeth Hendrickson
(740) 593-4118
Kate Raney Profile Picture
Kate Raney
Media Arts
(740) 566-7034
Bill Reader Profile Picture
Bill Reader
Communication Studies
(740) 597-1294


Roger Aden Profile Picture
Roger Aden
Speech Communication
(740) 593-4822
Associate Professor, Media & Arts Studies
(740) 566-7031
Schoonover Center 316
Associate Professor, Journalism
(740) 593-2606
Schoonover 242

Patton College of Education

Donnie Brown Profile Picture
Donnie Brown
Human and Consumer Sciences
(540) 257-0535
Allyson Hallman-Thrasher Profile Picture
Allyson Hallman-Thrasher
Teacher Education
(740) 593-9713
Mike Hess Profile Picture
Mike Hess
Educational Studies
(740) 597-3368
Charles Lowery Profile Picture
Charles Lowery
Educational Studies
(740) 593-4423


Stephen Harvey Profile Picture
Stephen Harvey
Sport Pedagogy
(740) 593-0594
Courtney Koestler Profile Picture
Courtney Koestler
Teacher Education
(740) 593-0118

College of Engineering

Zaki Kuruppalil Profile Picture
Zaki Kuruppalil
(740) 593-0258
Guy Riefler Profile Picture
Guy Riefler
Civil Engineering
(740) 593-1471
Diana Schwerha Profile Picture
Diana Schwerha
Industrial and Systems Engineering
(740) 593-1577
You Yuquiu Profile Picture
You Yuquiu
(740) 593-1459


Paul Deering Profile Picture
Paul Deering
Engineering Technology
(740) 593-2478
Kaya Savas Profile Picture
Kaya Savas
Computer Science
(740) 597-1633
Valerie Young Profile Picture
Valerie Young
Chemical Engineering
(740) 593-1496

College of Fine Arts

(740) 593-4288
Alexandra Hibbitt Profile Picture
Alexandra Hibbitt
Fine Arts
(740) 593-9996
Professor, Art History
(740) 593-4288
School of Art + Design
Vladimir  Marchenkov Profile Picture
Vladimir Marchenkov
(740) 593-1314

College of Fine Arts Alternates

Charles Buchanan Profile Picture
Charles Buchanan
Interdisciplinary Arts
(740) 593-9413

College of Health Sciences and Professions

Char Miller Profile Picture
Char Miller
Sarah Webb Profile Picture
Sarah Webb
Social Work


Theresa Cluse-Tolar Profile Picture
Theresa Cluse-Tolar
Social Work
(740) 593-1291
Cory Cronin Profile Picture
Cory Cronin
Social and Public Health
(740) 593-0447
Sarah Garlington Profile Picture
Sarah Garlington
Social and Public Health
(740) 597-1728
Heather Harmon Profile Picture
Heather Harmon
Social and Public Health
Kerri  Shaw Profile Picture
Kerri Shaw
Social and Public Health
(740) 593-9773

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
(614) 793-5591
Dublin Campus
Calvin James Profile Picture
Calvin James
Biomedical Sciences
(740) 593-2325
Christian  Stork Profile Picture
Christian Stork
Biomedical Sciences
(740) 597-1287
Jacqueline Wolf Profile Picture
Jacqueline Wolf
Social Medicine
(740) 597-2777


Rebecca Code Profile Picture
Rebecca Code
Biomedical Sciences
(614) 793-5584
Peter Coschigano Profile Picture
Peter Coschigano
Biomedical Sciences
(740) 593-9488
Kevin Lee Profile Picture
Kevin Lee
Biomedical Sciences
(740) 593-2327
Erin Murphy Profile Picture
Erin Murphy
Biomedical Sciences
(740) 597-3061
Ruger Porter Profile Picture
Ruger Porter
Biomedical Sciences
(740) 593-0784
Sarah Rubin Profile Picture
Sarah Rubin
Social Medicine
(216) 295-7540

Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs

Lesli Johnson Profile Picture
Lesli Johnson
Voinovich School
(740) 593-0739


Sarah Davis Profile Picture
Sarah Davis
(740) 597-1459
Holly Raffle Profile Picture
Holly Raffle
(740) 597-1710

Regional Campus: Chillicothe

John O'Keefe Profile Picture
John O'Keefe
(740) 774-7269


Associate Professor, Law Enforcement
(740) 774-7708
Stacey Saunders-Adams Profile Picture
Stacey Saunders-Adams
Social Work
(740) 774-7217

Regional Campus: Eastern

(740) 699-2330

Regional Campus Eastern Alternates

Paula McMurray-Schwarz Profile Picture
Paula McMurray-Schwarz
Early Childhood Education
(740) 699-2486

Regional Campus: Lancaster

Patrick Munhall Profile Picture
Patrick Munhall
Associate Professor Arts and Sciences
(740) 681-3382

Regional Campus: Lancaster Alternates

Nicole Blau Profile Picture
Nicole Blau
Communication Studies
(740) 681-3379

Regional Campus: Southern

Yehong Shao-Lucas Profile Picture
Yehong Shao-Lucas
(740) 533-4629

Regional Campus: Southern Alternates

Molly Johnson Profile Picture
Molly Johnson
Michelle Theiss Profile Picture
Michelle Theiss
(740) 533-4586

Regional Campus: Zanesville

Sheryl House Profile Picture
Sheryl House
Associate Professor of Nursing
(740) 588-2553
Amy White Profile Picture
Amy White
Associate Professor of Philosophy
(740) 588-1558


Susan Farus-Brown Profile Picture
Susan Farus-Brown
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(740) 588-1564

CHSP/HCOM: Clinical

Amber Healy Profile Picture
Amber Healy
Specialty Medicine
(740) 593-2180

CHSP/HCOM Alternates

Whitney Norton Profile Picture
Whitney Norton
(740) 593-4506

RHE: At Large

Associate Professor of Instruction
(740) 699-2325
Professor of Social Work Instruction
(740) 699-2499


Debra Nickles Profile Picture
Debra Nickles
(740) 774-7264

Athens: At Large

Gilbert Michaud Profile Picture
Gilbert Michaud
(740) 597-9085


Alexander Murray Profile Picture
Alexander Murray
(740) 593-9798
Angela Sprunger Profile Picture
Angela Sprunger
Fine Arts