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Safety Training

Integrating Safety + Process Improvement for Sustainable Manufacturing

This package of tools was developed by Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology’s Industrial and Systems Engineering Department. This research was made possible by the support of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and their continued dedication to protecting workers’ health and safety throughout their careers.

The tools below are designed to provide a framework for holistic process improvement that brings people, who may not normally interact and could be from different departments, together and working towards a common goal. It is the hope of both the Ohio BWC and the Ohio University team that companies can use these tools to improve their workplace to provide safe and productive work environments.

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Core Tools

Module 1 - Process Map

The purpose of the Process Map is to bring together employees who complete different aspects of the entire process. By bringing together expertise employees from different task backgrounds, they can expand their understanding of the entire process and collaborate to make overall improvements to safety and/or production.


Instructions for Process Map

Process Map Tool

Process Map Tool Example

Process Map Tool (suplemental document)

Process Map Tool (suplemental document) Example

Process Map Presentation (with voice-over) | Voice-over Transcript

Module 2 - Prioritization

The Prioritization tool allows decision makers to list various problems found within their facility and prioritize them based on their potential for safety and productivity risks. After problems have been characterized and ranked in the first section, this document also allows users to document recommended actions and pick tools from the BWC to use in their projects. Finally this document allows for the user to document actions taken and rescore the problem with a new adjusted priority.


Prioritization Tool

Prioritization Tool Example

Prioritization Risk Brainstorming Tool

Prioritization Presentation

Prioritization Presentation (with voice-over) | Voice-over Transcript


Module 3 - Modular Value Stream Safety Mapping (Mod VSSM)

The modular value stream safety mapping (Mod VSSM) is designed to look at a specific part of a longer process. Unlike traditional value stream maps, this tool allows the team to identify more specific problems in a task that may be overlooked in a traditional VSM. Another difference between this tool and a traditional VSM is the inclusion of ergonomic/safety problems of the work task.


Instructions for Mod VSSM Tool

Mod VSSM Tool

Mod VSSM Tool Example

Mod VSSM Presentation

Mod VSSM Presentation (with voice-over) | Voice-over Transcript

Module 4 - Process Training

The Process Training Document is a template for establishing a standardized procedure for a task. It is meant to be kept at the task site and used for teaching new employees and as a reference while working.


Instructions for Process Training

Process Training Tool

Process Training Tool Example

Process Training Presentation

Process Training Presentation (with voice-over) | Voice-over Transcript


Additional Tools

Module 5 - Poke-Yoke for Safety Requirements

Often times when completing a 6S, the improvement team focuses on the reorganization to improve productivity and safety regulations can take a back seat. This tool is to be used when reorganizing a workstation to ensure common safety regulations and hazards are still adhered to.


Instructions for Poke-Yoke for Safety Requirements Tool

Poke-Yoke for Safety Requirements Tool

Poke-Yoke for Safety Requirements Tool Example

Poke-Yoke for Safety Requirements Presentation

Poke-Yoke for Safety Requirements Presentation (with voice-over) | Voice-over Transcript

Module 6 - Task Distraction

Distractions are inevitable in work and life. However, they can be a serious safety and production concern. The goal of this tool is to identify task distractions and reduce them. By reducing the number of task distractions an employee experiences, both safety and production should improve.


Instructions for Task Distraction Tool

Task Distraction Tool

Task Distraction Tool Example

Task Distraction Presentation

Task Distraction Presentation (with voice-over) | Voice-over Transcript


Progress Summary

Reporting on impoved safety initiatives is an important step in your safety program. The documents included in this section will help gather and present findings to management and staff.


Progress Summary Tool

Progress Summary Report Presentation Template

Cost Calculator

The following cost calculator was developed by Derek Stephens. It allows the user to integrate safety, productivity and quality for both pre- and post-intervention. It is a useful tool to use along with the MOD VSSM. We have included the calculator as well as an instructor’s guide.


Cost Calculator Tool

Cost Calculator Instructor's Guide