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On a two-lane road next to a farm, a worker uses a push broom to spread a mud-like substance on the road surface while a second worker consults some papers

From bridges to roadways to stormwater runoff, advanced civil engineering techniques improve the infrastructure and resources we depend on every day. At the Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment, we develop transportation infrastructure and environmental engineering solutions.

Our Projects

ORITE develops transportation infrastructure and environmental engineering solutions by monitoring and evaluating the health of bridges, pipes and pavement; characterizing and evaluating the performance of materials; monitoring foundations and retaining walls; examining highway safety and winter maintenance; studying noise abatement for highways; performing subsurface characterization and exploration; and inventing solutions for the remediation of highway storm water runoff and acid mine drainage. ORITE was selected by the Ohio Department of Transportation to research the design and construction of "perpetual pavement" with double the lifespan of typical pavements.

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Researchers at ORITE regularly publish their findings. Publications include articles in major peer-reviewed journals, reports, and participation in proceedings.

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Conferences and Workshops

By sharing our results with colleagues in government, private industry, academia, and the general public, we support better understanding of how our transportation systems and environment can be improved. To this end, we have conceived and hosted many conferences and workshops over the years.

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Innovation is second nature to the work as ORITE works toward developing modern infrastructure and environmental solutions. Patents and pending applications credited to ORITE researchers:

  • Mitchell, Gayle F. and Sargand, Shad M., Exfiltration Apparatus, No. 60/869,308; Filing Date 12/08/2006
  • Su, Yuming, and Mitchell, G.F., U.S. Patent #7,238,281 and #7,527,731; Storm Water Runoff Treatment System
  • Sargand, S. and Mitchell, G. F. Security System for Underground Conduit, No. 14/006,517 9/20/13
  • Walsh, K. K., Resetting Semi-Passive Stiffness Damper and Methods of use Thereof, No. 14469824, 12/14/2013.

Faculty Research

View our faculty researchers and learn more about their areas of interest, roles, and backgrounds.

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Student Opportunities

Through our affiliation with the Russ College Department of Civil Engineering, we offer both undergraduate and graduate students the chance to experience engineering in real-world applications in the field and in the laboratory. For more information about current research opportunities, contact ORITE at 740.597.2543.

Primary Research Activity

ORITE has conducted research primarily in the following areas:

  • Accelerated pavement load testing
  • Acid mine abatement/reclamation
  • Applications of numerical methods in geo-environmental problems
  • Assessment, monitoring, and modeling of pavement structure
  • Assessment, monitoring, modeling, and treatment of aqueous pollutants
  • Bridges
  • Deep and shallow foundations
  • Driver simulation
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Highway safety
  • Human factors
  • Landfill components
  • Materials’ characterization
  • Monitoring infrastructure health
  • Noise abatement
  • Pavements
  • Physical modeling
  • Pipes/culverts
  • Pollution prevention
  • Sensors and data acquisition
  • Stormwater runoff
  • Surface and subsurface investigation
  • Winter maintenance of highways