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FAA Joint University Program

FAA Joint University Program

  • Founded in 1971 by the FAA and NASA
  • Composed of the FAA and three universities:
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    • Ohio University
    • Princeton University
  • Students drive program with faculty advisors
  • Quarterly program reviews at the FAA and three universities

Ohio University FAA JUP Research

  • Research focus on Integrated Avionics Technology Development
  • Research concentration is Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) Systems
    • Ground-based CNS
    • Platform-based CNS
    • Satellite-based CNS
    • Airport Infrastructure development
    • Active research in areas of:
      • Bird strike mitigation using avian radar, advanced sensor technologies, networks, and aviation data links
      • Airport monitoring with semi-autonomous platforms using advanced multi-spectral sensors including Lidar, high-sensitivity cameras, and infrared/thermal imaging technologies

FAA JUP Additional Information (PDF)