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Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)

The cornerstone technology for the FAA's NextGen program for U.S. airspace surveillance and control is ADS-B.  The ADS-B aircraft equipment automatically provides a precise position report that is received by the network of ADS-B ground receivers.  These reports enable enhanced air traffic control (ATC) operations, as well as improved situational awareness for pilots of suitably equipped aircraft.

Our center provides technical and physical support to the FAA Program Office (Surveillance and Broadcast Services) responsible for the ADS-B program. Support is provided to the FAA through flight test operations, data processing and analysis, teleconference and technical interchange meeting (TIM) support, and consultations.

Staff from the Avionics Engineering Center interface with numerous FAA organizations, from the program office to ATC flight inspection services concerning ADS-B development and deployment to the National Airspace System (NAS).

FAA and industry have come to rely on our Center’s unparalleled ability to complete projects in a safe and timely manner. Through collecting, processing, and analyzing the collected data, and ultimately assessing overall ADS-B system performance, the Center maintains the level of independence needed as a source of outside assessment for the government.