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Person next to landing strip wearing headphones connected to a piece of equipment on a tripod

From our flying laboratories to our ground-based technologies, the Avionics Engineering Center at Ohio University maintains a state-of-the-art fleet of technical equipment, including aircraft, an antenna anechoic chamber, and a suite of software for analysis and modeling.

Avionics Aircraft

The Avionics Engineering Center operates a fleet of single-engine piston, multi-engine turboprop, multi-engine radial, and jet aircraft for transportation and research. In addition, we own and operate a Brumby unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) housed, along with our manned fleet, in the Avionics Engineering Center hangar at the Ohio University Bush Airport in Albany, OH. We keep an FAA-certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization on staff to perform all necessary aircraft maintenance, repairs, and alterations, and to fabricate and install specialized equipment for research missions.

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Antenna Anechoic Chamber

Poster diagramming the layout of the antenna anechoic chamber and listing key features and uses

Our indoor Antenna Anechoic Chamber allows researchers to launch and verify in-house antenna designs for near-field and far-field measurements on electrical antennae. Enclosed by shielded anechoic technology, the antenna chamber provides added data accuracy and integrity, including more than 100 dB of isolation (104 dB @ 3GHz); planar, cylindrical, and spherical test modes; and a range of 10 kHz - 6.0 GHz with a vector network analyzer.

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