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Our interdisciplinary faculty at the Center for Air Quality study aspects of air quality and associated health risks for affected populations. They’re actively researching ambient air quality and emissions, modeling air quality, performing health risk assessments, and using geographic information systems to map and forecast data related to air quality and climate change. The research team is also developing novel tools to model fate and transport of airborne pesticides. To learn more about specific research interests of our faculty members, visit our faculty research page.

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Conferences + Workshops

Our research center partners each year with the Ohio Coal Research Center to host the Ohio Air Quality and Coal Research Symposium to showcase advances in air quality research and to spark real change through interaction among researchers, organizations, and policy-makers. Presentations from researchers, a poster competition/exhibit for students, and guest speakers are highlights of the symposium and opportunities for our students and regional research community to see how we create for good.


Through our affiliation with the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, we offer both undergraduate and graduate students the chance to get into the lab and experience engineering in a real-world applications. For more info. about current research opportunities, contact Director Kevin Crist at 740.593.4751.