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Academic Advising and Career Resources

Academic and career advisors are committed to recognizing the individual needs of undergraduate students, aiding the completion of their academic majors, minors and certificates and ultimately supporting the transition to their professional careers. Below, students can find important information about their academic advisor and how they can set up a meeting. If a student does not know who their academic advisor is, they can locate that information on their DARS or in their MyOhio Student Center.

Set up a meeting with your advisor as a:

First Year Students and Ohio Guarantee Plus (OG+) Upperclass Students

As our College transitions to all majors participating in Ohio Guarantee Plus (OG+) all of our first year students are advised by one of our Success Advisors.  These students will continue with a Success Advisor for their entire academic career at Ohio University.  

Paige Klatt
Success Advisor
Grover Center W370

Advises Pre-Nursing Students

Caela Chadwell
Success Advisor 
Grover Center W370

Advises the following first-year students:

  • Child & Family Studies
  • Community and Public Health
  • Environmental Health Science
  • Health Services Administration
  • Social Work
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders

Brandy Bailey
Success Advisor
Grover Center W370

Advises the following first-year and upperclass OG+ students:

  • Applied Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology - Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Physiology - Pre-Athletic Training
  • Nutrition Science (pre-professional)

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Sophomore, Junior and Senior Students

Current upperclass students in all majors except Exercise Physiology will transition from their first year advisor and begin working with a faculty member in their academic major. All first-year students will continue to be advised by their Success Advisor as they progress through their academic career as part of our Ohio Guarantee Plus model.  These students will have a faculty mentor and a Success Advisor to support them academically as they progress. Students can find their academic advisor on their DARS report, which they can access through their MyOhio Student Center or by contacting their school office.

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Undecided Students/Intended Nursing

Undecided students in the College of Health Sciences & Professions are advised by the Dean's Office Academic Advising staff. These advisors help students with academic planning, exploring interests and declaring a major that aligns with their professional goals.

For students placed into the ND1242 HSP Intended Nursing major code who are interested in the pre-nursing major, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is still attainable. Skilled and experienced CHSP academic advisors have developed an Intending Nursing advising plan to adequately prepare you for the rigors of the pre-nursing major at a manageable pace. Most students on the Intended Nursing advising plan are able to successfully complete the BSN in five years. 

Logan Waldie
Director of Advising and Retention
Grover Center W370

Undecided and Intending Nursing students can find their academic advisor on their DARS report, which they can access through their MyOhio Student Center.

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Drop-In Advising

Drop-In Academic Advising is available from 1-3pm Mondays, 9-11am Wednesdays, and 9-11am Thursdays at Student Services in Grover Center W370.

Drop-In Career Coaching with Nancy Edwards-Grady is available from 9am-1pm and 2-4pm on Thursdays. Students should check-in for Drop-In Career Coaching at the Student Services office in W370 Grover Center.