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AT Pre-requisite Requirements

The following courses are required for admission into the Master of Science in Athletic Training Program

Required Topic1 Semester Hours Suggested OHIO Courses
Biology 3 BIOS 1710
*Human Anatomy w/Lab2 4 BIOS 3010/3015
*Human Physiology2 3 BIOS 3450
*Physics3 3 PHYS 2001
*Chemistry 3 CHEM 1210 or 1510
*Nutrition 3 NUTR 1000
Psychology 3 PSY 1010
*Exercise Physiology 3 EXPH 4140

1Syllabus may be requested to verify course meets standards.

2Anatomy and physiology can be taken as combined courses (Anatomy & Physiology I and II) for eight semester hours with lab.

3Biomechanics will be accepted for the physics requirement.

  • Courses identified above with an (*) must be completed within ten years of matriculation.
  • Students must have current proof of immunizations for communicable and other diseases.  See immunizations requirement document.
  • Students must pass a successful drug screen and background check.