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Rick Hodges

Rick Hodges, portrait
Assistant Clinical Professor

Richard Hodges (Rich-erd Hod-ges) is Executive in Residence and Visiting Professor at the OHIO University. He is also director of the Ohio Alliance for Innovation in Population Health (OAIPH), an organization of 32 universities, public agencies, health systems, insurers and health policy groups from around the state.

About Richard Hodges and the OHIO Alliance for Population Health

Rick Hodges came to the Ohio Alliance for Population Health in 2017 after serving as the Director of the Ohio Department of Health under Governor John Kasich for three years. While Director, Rick was impressed by the complex local coalitions across Ohio addressing population health needs. He envisions the Alliance as a forum for bringing together partners from around the state and across the health care industry to focus resources in support of local initiatives.  

“Frequently, local leaders simply need to fill the gaps in their infrastructure with one or two ingredients like research design and support, analytics, continuing education, process planning, funding, advocacy, etc. to achieve their goals," Hodges said. "We offer to help in the spirit of responding to what local leaders tell us they need.”  

One example of the power of collaboration is the State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan. OAPH partners are working with the Ohio Department of Health to complete the triennial update of health needs in Ohio. OAPH uses that experience and information to help local health departments with their Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans.

Another example is the Diabetes Quality Improvement Hub. OAPH partners are working to extend best practices and treatment options to underserved populations.

OAPH partners are also collaborating to help create the Community Health Worker Center of Excellence, a state mandated board to direct the growth and development of this exciting extension of community-based health care services into local communities.

Hodges’ area of responsibility within OAPH includes public health infrastructure, infectious and chronic disease. He received his bachelor's degree from Oberlin College and a master’s in public administration from the University of Toledo. He has spent most of his career working with hospitals and private industry groups to address population health needs in addition to serving as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives and Director of the Ohio Department of Health.

You can contact him to discuss these and other projects by emailing or calling 262.832.4440.