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Dustin Grooms

Dustin Grooms
Professor, Physical Therapy

The scholarship awarded to Grooms is focused on the neurological and biomechanical changes after musculoskeletal injury. Our initial therapeutic breakthroughs include discovery of the neuroplasticity associated with injury and the use of virtual reality, sensory reweighting therapy, and cognitively loaded return-to-activity testing to improve orthopedic therapy.


  • BS, Athletic Training and Mathematics, Northern Kentucky University, 2008
  • MED, Kinesiology, University of Virginia, 2009
  • PhD, Neuroscience and Biomechanics, The Ohio State University, 2015

Research Interests

  • Neuroplasticity (brain changes) associated with musculoskeletal injury, aging and therapy
  • Biomechanics associated with musculoskeletal injury risk and interventions to improve motor control
  • Neurocognitive therapies post-concussion
  • Tools: Neuroimaging, Motion capture, Senaptec sensory station, Force platforms, Virtual reality

Teaching Experience

  • Neuromechanics of Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Athletic Training Thesis
  • Athletic Training Research Project
  • Therapeutic Modalities Lab
  • Lower Extremity Evaluation Lab


  • Grooms DR, Diekfuss JA, Ellis JD, Yuan W, Dudley J, Foss KDB, Thomas S, Altaye M, Haas L, Williams B, Lanier JM, Bridgewater K, Myer GD. A Novel Approach to Evaluate Brain Activation for Lower Extremity Motor Control. J Neuroimaging. 2019 Sep;29(5):580-588. doi: 10.1111/jon.12645. Epub 2019 Jul 3. PubMed PMID: 31270890; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6731137.
  • Grooms DR, Kiefer AW, Riley MA, Ellis JD, Thomas S, Kitchen K, DiCesare CA, Bonnette S, Gadd B, Barber Foss KD, Yuan W, Silva P, Galloway R, Diekfuss JA, Leach J, Berz K, Myer GD. Brain-Behavior Mechanisms for the Transfer of Neuromuscular Training Adaptations to Simulated Sport: Initial Findings From the Train the Brain Project. J Sport Rehabil. 2018 Sep 1;27(5):1-5. doi: 10.1123/jsr.2017-0241. Epub 2018 Sep 3. PubMed PMID: 29584523.
  • Grooms DR, Page SJ, Nichols-Larsen DS, Chaudhari AM, White SE, Onate JA. Neuroplasticity Associated With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2017 Mar;47(3):180-189. doi: 10.2519/jospt.2017.7003. Epub 2016 Nov 5. PubMed PMID: 27817301. · Rausch M, Simon JE, Starkey C, Grooms DR. Smartphone virtual reality to increase clinical balance assessment responsiveness. Phys Ther Sport. 2018 Jul;32:207-211. doi: 10.1016/j.ptsp.2018.05.017. Epub 2018 May 22. PubMed PMID: 29803943.
  • Bonnette S, DiCesare CA, Diekfuss JA, Grooms DR, MacPherson RP, Riley MA, Myer GD. Advancing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Using Real-Time Biofeedback for Amplified Sensorimotor Integration. J Athl Train. 2019 Aug 22;. doi: 10.4085/1062-6050-54.083. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 31437016. · Gokeler A, Neuhaus D, Benjaminse A, Grooms DR, Baumeister J. Principles of Motor Learning to Support Neuroplasticity After ACL Injury: Implications for Optimizing Performance and Reducing Risk of Second ACL Injury. Sports Med. 2019 Jun;49(6):853-865. doi: 10.1007/s40279-019-01058-0. Review. PubMed PMID: 30719683; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6548061.


  • Rehabilitation 2.0: Addressing Neuroplasticity in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation; Department of Defense (DoD) Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program (PI)
  • National Institutes of Health; Innovative neurophysiological techniques for trunk muscle control and function (Co-I)
  • National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Functional Evaluation to Optimize Patient-Reported Outcomes and Decrease Subsequent Lower Extremity Injury Risk, (Co-I)
  • National Institutes of Health; Mental Practice in Chronic Stroke-Induced Hemiparesis (Consultant)

Awards and Honors

  • Faculty Research Award, College of Health Sciences and Professions
  • International Travel Award, National Athletic Trainers’ Association International Committee
  • Professional Original Research Award, Ohio Athletic Training Association
  • Army Airborne Award of Appreciation, Airborne Corps Surgeon; For continued engagement in research to further the healthcare of the US Army Corps

University/Professional Service

  • Editorial board, The Journal of Sports Medicine and Allied Health Science
  • Reviewer, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, US Army medical Research and Material Command
  • AHSW Scholarship and Governance Committee
  • CHSP Interdisciplinary Research Committee
  • AHSW Promotion and Tenure committee
  • CHSP Promotion and Tenure committee