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Dean's Recognition Award for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate Student

Date due

March 1, 2024

Cover page:

  • Student Name
  • School or Department
  • What is the degree you are seeking?
  • Name of the faculty advisor
  • Student signature/date and faculty advisor signature/date
  • Acquire original signatures
  • The cover page should be one (1) page when completed

Application instructions:

  • Type in all requested information.
  • Answer each question. Provide specific details about why you deserve to be recognized for outstanding research during this academic year 2023-2024. 
  • Your faculty advisor or faculty mentor may assist you in completing this application.
  • The application should be no more than two (2) pages when completed.
  • There are 3 criteria (Address all three domains in your application):
    • Execution

      • Excellent execution. I have demonstrated excellence in executing essential elements of research (e.g., successfully submitted an IRB proposal; exercised leadership on a research project; acquired internal grants to support my work). Provide specific examples.

    • Innovation/Creativity

      • High innovation. My work was innovative/creative (e.g., I have novel ideas; I identified a novel research question, and/or I used creative research methods). Describe in detail any evidence of creativity or innovation that makes your research stand out.

    • Outcomes

      • Substantial outcomes. I have achieved substantial outcomes (e.g., I have successfully completed a research project. I have presented my work at state, regional, or national meetings; I have co-authored publications; I have received an award for the quality of my work). Provide specific examples and citations of presentations, publications, and/or awards

Please note: It is very important in your application to acknowledge faculty mentors and contributors. Acknowledgments should include student collaborators and any organization that has provided funding or other support to help you accomplish your research.

Important: If the applicant does not address the questions or observe the instructions, the application will not be considered. The Interdisciplinary Research Committee will offer its recommendations to the Dean for the final selection, and the Dean will make the final selection for the Dean’s Recognition Award.

Submission instructions:

  • Combine the completed cover page (1 page) + the completed application (2 pages) into one PDF application document. Total application length = three (3) pages.
  • Name the combined PDF document: Dean’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Research by Undergraduate – LAST NAME*.pdf (* Last name of applicant)
  • Application instructions: Students must complete an online application for the 2023-24 CHSP Dean’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate Student and be prepared to upload the combined cover page/application.