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Dean's Recognition Award for Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student Guidelines

Date due

March 3, 2025

Application instructions:

  • Type in all requested information.
  • Answer each question. Provide specific details about why you deserve to be recognized for outstanding research, scholarship, or creative activity during this academic year 2024-2025. 
  • Your faculty advisor or faculty mentor may assist you in completing this application.
  • A faculty endorsement letter will need to be uploaded to your Qualtrics application.
  • For the purposes of this award we define research, scholarship, and creative activity as significant, individual engagement that 1) culminates in a project that makes an original intellectual, scholarly, or creative contribution to the discipline(s) or in an interdisciplinary area, 2) is guided by a mentor (e.g., faculty) who provides feedback, and 3) helps students develop scholarly and/or creative independence, originality, and autonomy. The student’s activity in the project should address a specific question, problem, or goal that is relevant to the discipline(s), utilize appropriate methodologies, adhere to the standards of the discipline(s), and aim to contribute to dissemination through publication, presentation, performance, or exhibition. 
  • Examples of research could include investigating the effectiveness of a new intervention, developing a new diagnostic tool or treatment, analyzing existing data, examining the social and cultural factors that influence health, etc.
  • Examples of scholarship broadly could include a quality improvement project, needs assessment, systematic review of research, etc. 
  • Examples of creative works could include education and training material, health campaign material, etc.  

Please note: It is very important in your application to acknowledge faculty mentors and contributors. Acknowledgments should include student collaborators and any organization that has provided funding or other support to help you accomplish your research, scholarship, or creative activity.

Important: If the applicant does not address the questions or observe the instructions, the application will not be considered. The Interdisciplinary Research Committee will offer its recommendations to the Dean for the final selection, and the Dean will make the final selection for the Dean’s Recognition Award.

Submission instructions: