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CHSP Student Research Grant Guidelines

College Research Mission

To engage students and faculty in the discovery of knowledge that will define the future of health disciplines through applied, basic, and translational research and innovation.

Purpose of these Student Funding Opportunities

To assist graduate and undergraduate students within the College of Health Sciences and Professions cover direct project-related expenses such as materials, supplies, and participant costs associated with student research.

Rules for Research Grant Recipients

  • Graduate students should be listed on the Research Restart Form for their advisor's lab. Please see your advisor to confirm this has been done.


You must be enrolled full-time (during fall and spring) in the College of Health Sciences and Professions and an investigator of a research project. You are eligible to apply for a maximum of one research grant per academic year.


A College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) faculty advisor must verify and endorse your request. An email will automatically be sent to your advisor after you submit an application through this portal: 2023-24 CHSP Student Research Grant

Number of Grants

Grants will be funded as long as funding is available. Only one research grant up to $300 (not to exceed actual research costs) per student per academic year. Only one student researcher will be funded (not multiple students) per research project.

Legitimate Expenditures

Research grant expenditures include supplies, participant costs, etc. No poster printing.

Submission Deadline Date

Rolling but no later than April 1, 2024 (as long as funding is available).


You will be notified by email within 2 weeks of your faculty advisor's verification and endorsement if you are (or are not) funded.


Research award funds will be available through the school/department’s administrative specialist who will process the expenditures according to the budget (receipts required). No funds will be disbursed to a student after s/he has graduated. If awarded, research award funds must be spent no later than April 30. No exceptions. Please plan accordingly.


After the research award funds are spent, you must submit a very brief report to Dr. Caroline Kingori describing how the funds were spent and the current status of your research project.


Please email Dr. Caroline Kingori, Associate Dean for Research with questions.