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CHSP Student Grievances


The purpose of this policy is to delineate procedures when a student has a grievance that is NOT subject to established procedures for academic appeals, sexual harassment, or other policies, including:


If you (as a student in the College of Health Science and Professions) have a concern that is not specifically related to the above (see the above two bullet points), this is a process for you to voice your grievance constructively.

A grievance is a formal difference or dispute between a CHSP faculty member, instructor, or a CHSP staff member.   A grievance may include but is not limited to any of the following:  Lack of professional behavior, poor or inconsistent communication, failure to follow set procedures or policies, arbitrary actions, or a policy or procedure applied unfairly and/or in a different manner than it was applied to others. 


If you have a grievance (as defined above), please follow these steps:

  1. If you believe that you are able to resolve the grievance directly, please try.  If you do so, save emails or notes.  If you are unable to resolve the grievance OR do not feel comfortable with addressing the grievance directly, then go to step 2.
  2. Submit your grievance via a Qualtrics form. This form will go to a designee in the CHSP dean’s office.  If the designee determines that your program, department, or school already has a grievance process, your grievance will be directed appropriately and you will be informed of that process.    If your program, department, or school does not already have a grievance process, your grievance will be directed to the chair or director of the appropriate department or school.   The chair or director will attempt to address the issue in a timely manner (i.e., within 10 business/school days).
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved at the department or school level by the chair or director, your grievance will be referred to the dean’s office.  Depending on the nature of the grievance, the following are options: an ad hoc committee will review your grievance and attempt to address the grievance, or you will be referred to an appropriate university office or resource.  Similar to step 2, we will attempt to address your grievance in a timely manner (i.e., within 10 business/school days).

Other Resources for Grievances:

University Ombudsperson -Mac Stricklen

University Ombudsperson
Ohio University
501 Baker Center
Athens, OH 45701

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