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CHSP Community Engagement Grant Guidelines

College Vision

To be a college of distinction in preparing health professionals whose work reflects the highest standards of collaboration, ethics, innovation, and commitment to all, especially, under-served populations, communities, and individuals.

Purpose of the Grant

The purpose of this small grant is to encourage a College of Health Sciences and Professions service-learning class or student organization to provide service to the local community while benefiting personally from service-learning activities.

Rules of Grant Recipients


A College of Health Sciences and Professions service-learning class or a student organization is eligible to apply (during fall and spring).
Endorsement: A College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) faculty advisor must endorse your request and supervise your activities. An email will automatically be sent to your advisor after you submit an application through this portal: 2022-23 CHSP Student Community Engagement Grant.

Number of Grants

Grants will be funded as long as funding is available. Only one (1) community engagement grant of up to $300 (not to exceed actual costs) will be given per class or specific student organization per academic year.

Legitimate expenditures

Community engagement grant expenditures include supplies*, printing, and transportation (mileage).

  • Food /beverage supplies may be purchased only if they are integral to the activity (e.g., a nutrition/cooking class); no more than 20% of the total budget may be allocated to food and beverage for this purpose.
  • Food/beverage for social purposes is not allowed. Alcohol of any kind is prohibited.

Submission Deadline Dates

First (1st) school/work day* of:

September November January March
October December February April

*as long as funding is available


The student coordinator will be notified by email within 2 weeks of the faculty advisor’s verification and endorsement if the group is (or is not) funded.


Community engagement funds will be available through the school/department’s administrative specialist who will process the expenditures according to the budget (receipts required).

Reimbursements will be permitted for food and/or beverage purchases (receipts required). No funds will
be disbursed after graduation.

Student community engagement funds must be spent no later than April 30, regardless of when the project takes place. This includes projects that take place after April 30. Expenses paid for after April 30th will not be reimbursed. No exceptions. Please plan accordingly.


After the engagement activity is completed, you must submit a very brief report to Ms. Rebecca Miller, Senior Director of Community Relations summarizing expenditures and describing the community and learning benefits of the project.

Application instructions

The student coordinator must complete the online application for the 2023-2024 CHSP Student Community Engagement Grant.

Grant Co-Reviewers

Rebecca Miller, Senior Director of Community Relations

Beth Tragert, Director of Finance