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Tony Vinci

Tony Vinci
Associate Professor, English
Bennett Hall 228

PhD, Southern Illinois University

Dr. Tony M. Vinci is an Assistant Professor of English at Ohio University Chillicothe, where he teaches literature, humanities, creative writing, and composition. He is co-editor of Culture, Identities, and Technology in the Star Wars Films and has published articles in The Journal of Popular Culture, Science Fiction Film and Television, The Faulkner Journal, and numerous collections of literary scholarship and cultural criticism.

His research interests include twentieth-century American literature and culture, trauma studies, critical animality studies, posthumanism, ethics, and genre fiction and film (Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror).

When he’s not teaching or researching, he’s either writing strange little stories about vulnerability and despair at a local coffee shop, or he’s writing music in his studio in Chillicothe.

He hopes to one day have a pet. Maybe something cuddly, like a porcupine or a dragon.