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We believe it is not only important to get a great education inside the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. Involved students tend to perform better academically and student organization participation looks great on a resume. Get involved!

Below are our currently registered student organizations. If you are interested in learning more or joining, please contact the president or advisor, or consider starting your own student organization.

We are happy to welcome new student organizations! Interested in starting a student organization? Here's what you'll need:

Contact the Director of Student Services for information or assistance.

Game Appreciation Club

The Game Appreciation Club (GAC) is a group for students and community members who want to socialize and have fun. This group encourages gaming of all types, from video games to board games-card games and tabletop role-play games, too!  GAC meets regularly to learn about new game opportunities and play together.

President: Etheridge Games

Advisor: Ashlee Tatman


Three people walking in front of a building

President: Ethan Griffith

President: Angelina Hardiesty-Kelley and Michael Lafreniere

The purpose of the MOVE Club is to promote health, improve creativity and clarity of thought, and volunteer for campus and community events that promote the mission of this club.

If you are interested in learning more about this club, please submit the form below or email the president or an advisor. You could be an officer and an active participant in this student club.

MOVE Club Interest Form

Nature Welfare Club

Two people on a bridge

The Nature Welfare Club is for people interested in spending time in nature and promoting an awareness of animal habitats and health and environmental sustainability.  Members plant seeds, maintain wooded areas, and learn about nature and how to improve its welfare.

President: George Comstock

AdvisorRobb Moats

Q&A: Queers & Allies

Q&A: Queers & Allies is an affinity group with a mission to connect people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community to one another. While the overall goal of Q&A is to make people feel safe, included, and welcome, the activities and focus points are determined by the interests of current group members.

President: Kristen Cox

Advisor: Debra Nickles

Student Council

The Student Council of Ohio University Chillicothe represents that wants and needs of students of Ohio University Chillicothe.  In addition to bringing student concerns to campus administrators, the Student Council also plans fun activities for students and collaborates with other members of the campus community to improve campus life.

President: Lydia Hardman

Advisor: Tony Vinci

Student Nurse Organization of Chillicothe

A group of nursing graduates outside a building

The Student Nurse Organization of Chillicothe (SNOC) is the student organization for nursing students at Ohio University Chillicothe. The mission is to find outreach within service, community, and donation alongside fellow nurses. Premier projects have included providing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to students in need, hosting food drives to support the Hilltopper Resource Center, and participating in health fairs, blood drives, and other projects to promote health, happiness, and safety.

President: Kelsie Bossert

Advisor: Lindsey Shotts

Student Social Work Association

The Student Social Work Association (SSWA) seeks to serve, educate, and promote activism in the field of social welfare. In addition, SSWA provides opportunities for students to interact within the community to broaden their knowledge of the issues related to social services. The main aim of the organization is to impact the lives of those living in our community and the surrounding communities in a positive manner. Their mission is to recognize needs within communities around us and to do their best to help meet those needs. 

President: Lauryn Miller

Advisor: Stacey Saunders-Adams

The Writer Collective

The Writer Collective meets regularly to encourage members to follow writing goals and create work that they are proud of. Meetings often include a writing prompt to focus the mind and then includes time for members to work on personal writing projects, brainstorm ideas with other members, and devote regularly scheduled quality time to creative thought and text. Discussions, readings, peer reviews, and editing are also often scheduled. 

President: Galen Kaltenbach

Advisor: Brandi Weaver

Organizations in Development

Adventure Club

Adventure Club participants will help promote outdoor activities, experience new environments, and volunteer for campus and community events that promote the mission of this club.

This club is in development and is actively looking for members. If you are interested in learning more about this club, please submit the form below or email the advisor. You could be an officer and an active participant in this student club.

Advisor: Michael Lafreniere

Adventure Club Interest Form

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club was started when a hungry group of students got together and realized healthy and delicious food can be college student friendly-affordable and easy to prepare. This group explores different food preparations, meal planning and prepping, budgeting, grocery shopping, general nutrition, and cooking skills with college students in mind. Come hungry with an open mind. Leave full with new skills.

President: Lydia Hardesty

Advisor: Karen Corcoran


For more information, contact:

Ashlee Tatman
Director of Student Services
Bennett Hall
T: 740.774.7229