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Information Literacy and Library Instruction:

➢  In order to be successful, Ohio University Chillicothe students should be able to

conduct effective research by learning how to identify, access, retrieve, and evaluate appropriate information for their needs.

➢  To help our students succeed in their research, the Quinn Library staff are

available for library instruction sessions tailored to specific courses, assignments, or curricular themes.

Librarians can provide:

➢  Single or multiple sessions, ranging from 20 minutes to two hours.
➢  Customized research guides for your class. When posted on Blackboard, the guides

offer an easy way to ensure students have the resources and research techniques they need.  

➢  Consultations on research assignments, including feedback on information literacy

objectives and the availability of appropriate resources.

Learning Objectives:

Include helping students to:

➢  Analyze a topic and identify the key concepts.
➢  Formulate a successful search strategy.
➢  Select and use appropriate research tools for their particular assignment or


➢  Critically evaluate sources for relevancy, authority, accuracy, objectivity,

content and currency.

➢  Understand the legal and ethical implications of information use.

Ingredients for a Successful Library Experience:

Schedule Your Session:

➢  For the beginning of a research assignment.
➢  For an adequate time to allow hands-on exercises, group work, reflection, etc.

Prepare Your Students:

➢  By reviewing the assignment before the session.
➢  By explaining your goals for the session.
➢  By asking your students to come to the session prepared with questions and/or

their topics.


➢  Share your syllabus with the librarian before the session to allow for customized

content in the session.

➢  Share the specific research assignment with the librarian before the session to allow

time for questions or comments.

➢  Provide details about the assignment, such as required resources (e.g., must include

an article from a peer-reviewed journal, etc.), taboo or limited topics, or popular/common topics.

Participate in the session:

➢  Faculty participation helps students understand the importance of the session and

the importance of a librarian as an integral part of the course.

➢  Students are more attentive and receptive to library instruction with a professor


➢  Professors will be aware of the resources students have available for their research.

➢  Professors will be able to answer student questions about the assignment

during the session.

➢  Instructors are required to attend the session or to arrange for a faculty substitute.
➢  We know the information sources, but you know your students; your participation

helps everyone.

Scheduling a Session

➢  To ensure your students get the instruction they need, when they need it, please

contact us as far in advance as possible. Contact Brandi Weaver to schedule a session, or call 740.774.7202.

➢  For more information about information literacy, please visit the Association of

College & Research Libraries (ACRL) information literacy site.




Quinn Library

Stevenson Center

T: 740.774.7201

F: 740.774.7268