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University Libraries “Gatherings, Spring 2024” highlights latest news

Ohio University Libraries is pleased to present the newest release of the annual donor magazine, “Gatherings, Spring 2024.” The issue is now live and highlights three collections from some important friends of University Libraries, including sheet music from Nancy Rue, panoramic photos from Thomas Schiff and original jazz compositions from Joel Forrester.

Also highlighted are several social media videos produced by students for students, which includes tips and tricks on acing finals week and more about Alden Library through the “This is Alden” series, as well as the latest notable news story about the Libraries’ staff.

Over the years, the Libraries has received many substantial donations to add to its vast archive of collections. Recently acquired is the Nancy Rue Sheet Music Collection donated by the former Associate Dean of the Libraries, Nancy Rue. The sheet music collection had been accumulated over the years, first from her grandmother’s collection and then Rue’s own personal collection acquired from estate sales and auctions. Rue later refined her collecting criteria to the composers, performers, categories and cover artists she found most appealing and collectable, thereby creating the core collection.

Thomas Schiff, former OHIO alum and distinguished photographer known for his stunning 360 panoramic photographs, donated over 2,000 of his color and black and white prints, born-digital archival material and correspondence. The strong connection and bond that Schiff has with OHIO has enabled the Libraries to steward that extensive collection.

“It's a great opportunity for…my collection to be cared for under such superior circumstances,” Schiff said. “The archives of Ohio University Libraries will do a terrific job of keeping them in shape.”

Joel Forrester, also an OHIO alum and renown pianist, donated a large archive of his own original jazz compositions. Forrester studied composition with Thelonious Monk and wrote the theme for NPR’s “Fresh Air," , among other accomplishments. As a prolific composer, he also provided music for the early films of Andy Warhol, accompanied silent films at the Louvre and co-founded, recorded and toured with the Microscopic Septet.

In addition to stories on the many collections donated, a social media deep dive is presented through videos showing off several of the different floors and much of what Alden Library has to offer. A few tips and tricks are also shared by fellow students and the Libraries’ staff for finals week.

Finally, a feature story of notable news pertaining to the Libraries’ staff gives insight into new hires, as well as promotions.

May 16, 2024
Mimi Calhoun