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Fine Arts Library

The Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library is located on the 3rd floor  of Alden Library. 

Offering a robust selection of books, periodicals, visual media, technology, and electronic databases, the Fine Arts Library complements the study of all aspects of the visual arts, including art history, architectural history, theory, criticism, materials, techniques, and practice.

The Fine Arts Library collection reflects the interdisciplinarity of creative work as well as the specific needs of artists and designers, offering users a wide selection of titles which reflect the diversity of creative professions and highlight underrepresented and critical voices in the field.

We are grateful for the financial generosity and support of Frederick and Kazuko Harris in establishing the Fine Arts Library. 

Frederick & Kazuko Harris

Dr. Frederick Harris

Frederick Harris began his art library patronage at Alden Library in the early 1990’s. A graduate of the Art Center School in Los Angeles, he had a long career in interior design in Tokyo. While in Japan, Fred met his wife Kazuko, with whom he developed his library and collection of art objects. In addition to becoming an honored master of the traditional art of sumi-e painting, Fred was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun Medal by the Emperor of Japan.

Between 1994 and 2011 Fred and Kazuko donated their collection to the Fine Arts Library, and in 2004 the library was dedicated in their names. The Harris Fine Arts Library Collection, composed of Fred and Kazuko’s donations, offers a diverse collection of art objects that encompass many disciplines, from pottery and ceramics to paintings and carvings. Originating mainly in Asia, this unique cultural record will appeal to a broad audience of artists and researchers.

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Yao Ceremonial Artifacts Collection

As a research and study collection, the Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library maintains this one of a kind cultural resource, likely the largest of its kind. Consisting of approximately 2,000 pieces of ceremonial and temple art from the north of Vietnam, these materials support the scholarly research needs of various programs and departments campus-wide. The collection features a generous sampling of ceremonial headwear, small and large hand scrolls, hanging scrolls, and some books and textiles. Access to the collection must be arranged in advance with the curator.

Images from the Yao collection are made available to the campus community through a variety of online outlets:

Fine Arts Limited Access Collection

Located within the Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library on Alden’s 3rd floor, Fine Arts Limited Access is composed primarily of rare art books, items from the Harris Fine Arts Collection, artists’ publications, facsimiles, and masters projects from the School of Visual Communication and the School of Art + Design. This collection offers Fine Arts Library patrons a unique opportunity to access and interact with primary materials, art objects, and valuable research tools from Japan to the Schoonover Center. Access to the collection must be arranged in advance with the curator.

Additional rare fine arts materials can be found in the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections