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Wealth and Poverty Week: Rural America

The Wealth & Poverty theme at Ohio University announces Wealth & Poverty Week: Rural America.

About 15 percent of Americans live in rural counties. While rural America offers many opportunities, it also faces unique and difficult challenges in sustaining its economic base and providing quality health care and other social services. The Rural America Week brings the Ohio University community together to discuss core issues in rural America and look for ways to strengthen it.

All the events are free and open to the community.

Feb 3-10, 2017

Appalachia's New Rural Economy: Industry, Employment, and Economic Well-Being

Rising Tides and Leaky Boats: Economic Development Strategies That Work for Those That Need Help Most

A Home on the Range and a Range in the Home: Farm Women?s Acquisition of Modern Household Technology

Comprehensive Patient Navigator Program for Rural Appalachia

Growing Old in Rural Appalachia: Looking Back and Thinking Forward

  • Thursday, Feb. 9 - Dr. Graham Rowles (Gerontology, University of Kentucky) 3-4 p.m. at Alden 319

The Little Cities as a Classroom

  • Friday, Feb. 10 - Dr. Rachel Terman (Sociology and Anthropology) and John Winnenberg (Sunday Creek Associates) 1-2 p.m. at Alden 319