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War & Peace Theme

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CAS 2300 is a 1-credit course on War, Peace and Security issues including terrorism, cybersecurity, ethnic conflict, peacebuilding and weapons of mass destruction

About the War and Peace Theme at Ohio University

The War and Peace theme brings together students and faculty who work on international peace, national security, human security, cybersecurity, crisis management, and conflict resolution.

In addition to coursework, War and Peace theme students

  • Network with colleagues
  • Attend lectures and workshops
  • Meet visiting experts
  • Learn about jobs that lead toward careers in security, diplomacy, academia, and non-governmental organizations working on global issues ranging from refugees to peacebuilding

The War and Peace Theme was initiated by the Center for International Studies and the College of Arts & Sciences for students who want to learn about the causes of war and the dynamics of peace, but do not have time to complete the War and Peace Studies major. The War and Peace Theme allows these students to satisfy many of their A&S distribution requirements while exploring important issues and questions involved in War and Peace Studies.

For example,

  • What causes wars?
  • How can individuals, groups, and institutions build peace and prevent war?
  • How does technology affect the dangers of war and the possibilities for peace?

In addressing such questions, students in the War and Peace Theme will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to important relevant fields such as national security; human security; cybersecurity; international peace and others.

Students normally join the War & Peace Theme in their freshman or sophomore year by enrolling in a designated introductory course (currently POLS 2500 International Relations) and conclude by taking a designated capstone course to consolidate their knowledge and skills during their junior or senior year. In between the introduction and the capstone, students will be able to choose from an array of classes that not only contribute to their understanding of war and peace issues, but also satisfy A&S distribution requirements. Consequently, participating in the War & Peace Theme adds no required hours to a student?s time at Ohio University. The theme follows an interdisciplinary liberal arts approach that incorporates a wide range of academic perspectives, interpretations, and visions of war and peace. Students from all majors are encouraged to participate.

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For more information, contact theme director Dr. Nukhet Sandal or Dr. Andrew Ross.

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