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Food Studies Theme

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CAS 2300 is a 1-credit course Edible Athens offers students an online, self-directed introduction to the Athens food scene on and off campus. It asks students to think about their individual food choices and to understand how what they choose to put on their plate is connected in many ways to the immediate Athens and university communities and to the wider world.

A Curricular Theme at Ohio University

About This Theme

"Food, its production, consumption and meaning, is of deep social, political, cultural and economic consequence. Food is at the heart of debates about globalization, science, technology, and social progress. The study of food is a growing area of scholarship that transcends disciplinary boundaries," says Dr. Theresa Moran says, Director of the Food Studies theme.

The Food Studies theme at Ohio University provides an opportunity for students to think critically about the food system of which every person is a part. Food is the core of cultural, national, and regional identity, as well as all personal relationships. This theme is the ideal lens through which to study the world, as it plays an integral role in the understanding of all facets of society, from economics to religion to politics.

Ohio University is the perfect environment to foster this education. Athens, Ohio, is a community that is nationally recognized as a regional food system model, with a robust farmers market, many restaurants committed to local sourcing, and organizations centered on increasing access to healthy, local food. This environment provides endless internship and volunteer opportunities with community partners that will strengthen students' transformative educational experience.

Food Studies is committed to creating a personalized educational experience for every student in the program. Whether you are interested in policy, farming, nutrition, or any other facet of the food system, your course of study can be tailored to embrace that educational passion. The theme faculty work hard to prepare students to be the best possible leaders of the future food system.

Contact Us

For more information on the Food Studies initiative, contact the Food Studies Project Leader, Theresa Moran.

Core Faculty

  • Theresa Moran (English)
  • Tim Anderson (Geography)
  • David Bell (Linguistics)
  • Bob Colvin (Biological Sciences)
  • Dominique Duvert (French)
  • Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo (Psychology)
  • Michael Held (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Eric LeMay (English)
  • Brad Jokisch (Geography)
  • Jackie Maxell (History)
  • Karen Mammone (Biological Sciences)
  • Stephanie Miller (Biological Sciences)
  • Ruth Palmer (Classics and World Religions)
  • Paul Patton (Anthropology)
  • Tom Smucker (Geography)
  • Art Trese (Environmental & Plant Biology)