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Other Graduate Funding in Earth and Environmental Geosciences

Earth and Environmental Geosciences

Summer Funding

When funds are available, the department offers limited summer funding options. Several summer scholarships may be competitively available to students who have completed their thesis proposal defenses. Candidates are evaluated based on academic record (GPA), research progress, and grant proposal submissions. The department also funds one qualified student as a Graduate Teaching Assistantship during the summer session; students are advised to contact the Graduate Chair to check on availability and apply for openings during spring term. In addition, faculty attempt to raise summer support from as many sources as possible so that students will be able to continue research without getting another job. If a student must take another job, it is important that he or she notifies their thesis adviser and leaves at least a few weeks of the summer available for field work or laboratory research.

Student Grant Support

Students are strongly encouraged to seek research funding from external agencies. (See Examples of Research and Travel Funding Sources for Students). Success rates are often higher for student than faculty grants, and department students have been very successful acquiring some of these grants in the past. If the student receives funding from such sources as AAPG, GSA, or Sigma Xi, there are obligations attached to this funding. These funds are for use directly supporting research; they are not summer salary. The student must account for the money received and should keep receipts. For accountability and for tax purposes, it is best to keep such funds in a separate account. In most cases, the student should be prepared to submit a final report to the funding agency detailing how the money these grants not only reflects upon the student personally, it also reflects upon the research group and the department as a whole.

Student Travel Support

Presentations at professional conferences are highly encouraged. Attendance at these meetings allows the student to network and to develop their scientific reputation, as well as increases the visibility of the department. When funds are available, the department commonly assists students in deferring costs associated with travel to attend meetings, usually contributing airfare and meeting registration costs. The Ohio University Graduate Student Senate, GSA and other organizations also assist student travel to conferences, and those websites should be checked regularly for deadlines. See Examples of Research and Travel Funding Sources for Students.