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Paleontology Minor

Faculty Contact: Dr. Alycia Stigall

Program Overview

The minor in paleontology will provide a broad overview of the discipline of paleontology for non-geology majors interested in developing additional training in fossil interpretation, sedimentary systems, and the history of life. This minor can greatly benefit students outside of geology who wish to pursue graduate school or careers in paleontology, education, or museum studies.


Students completing the paleontology minor will develop skills and training that will enhance their opportunities to pursue graduate work in paleontology, pursue employment within museum settings or as members of paleontological field teams. Additional opportunities may include conducting research in fields in geology, biology, anthropology and related fields that utilize stratigraphic and fossil data.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Change of Program Policy: No selective or limited admission requirements.

External Transfer Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Minor Requirements

Minor code: OR4415

Minor Hours Requirement

The minor in paleontology requires a minimum of 19 hours.

Minor Core Requirements

Complete one of the following courses:

  • GEOL 1010 - How the Earth Works Credit Hours: 4.0
  • GEOL 2020 - Introductory Geology Lab Credit Hours: 1.0

Additional Core Requirements

Complete the following courses:

  • GEOL 2550 - Historical Geology Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 3400 - Principles of Paleontology Credit Hours: 3.0

Introductory Electives

Complete one of the following courses:

  • GEOL 1400 - Dinosaurs and the Mesozoic Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 2210 - Earth and Life History Credit Hours: 3.0

Advanced Electives

Complete two or more of the following courses to complete a minor with 19 hours.

  • GEOL 3120 - Earth Materials and Resources Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 3500 - Stratigraphy – Sedimentology Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 4430 - Paleobiogeography Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 4440 - Ichnology Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 4480 - Paleoecology Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 4520 - Dispositional Environments Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 4540 - Carbonate Depositional Systems I Credit Hours: 3.0
  • GEOL 4560 - Paleopedology Credit Hours: 3.0